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April 12, 2021

President Erdogan to Romania-Turkey Business Forum: We expect Romanian investors to invest in Turkey and we invite Turks to invest in Romania

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday invited Romanian business people to make investments in Turkey, but also the Turkish business people to invest in Romania.

“We ensure all the conditions both for our investors and for the foreign investors. We also expect the Romanian investors to make investments in Turkey and we invite the Turks to make investments in Romania, because the Turkish and Romanian investors can act together. Moreover, you can make investments on third markets. Here is why our institutions are ready to grant all their support to foreign investors,” the Turkish President maintained on Wednesday in the speech delivered in the Romania-Turkey Business Forum, where he participated together with Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

He spoke of the great infrastructure projects developed in the Bosphorus area, but also of the results of the economic reforms in Turkey, initiated in 2002, Agerpres informs.

“Starting 2002 until present, we have ensured in our country stability, confidence, based on the economic reforms we carried out. (…) When we came at rule 12 years ago, we had debts, and now we are the ones offering loans. (…) Over the past 10 years, we have managed to become a country drawing very significant investments and our economic power has increased 12 times. We strengthened the country’s economy, the banking system. Think of how our financial institutions were 12 years ago, but now they can compete with other financial institutions in the world,” the Turkish President said.

Recep Erdogan also mentioned the health area, pointing out that “almost 400,000 patients come to Turkey for treatment” each year.

“Over the past 12 years, we built over 17,000 km road and this shows us where we started from and where we arrived. In ’79, we had 26 airports, to which another 27 were added, in 12 years since we are at rule,” the Turkish President said.

He underscored that Turkey wants peace and prosperity in the area of the Black Sea, the Caucasus and the Mediterranean, and that he will insist on the accession to the European Union, “in spite of all the political obstacles.”

“In spite of all the political obstacles, we believe we must continue to insist on the accession to the European Union. We wanted to join the European Union in 1963. 52 years have passed since we are at Europe’s gates. Why? Are we a country that has remained behind, compared with other European countries? They don’t have an answer for us, they cannot give us a serious answer. We are told: you have a too big population. Certainly, but you should have said this from the beginning. Why have you kept quiet for 52 year and you are only talking now? If I say all this, I am told: Mr Erdogan, you are very aggressive, but I am telling the truth. Turkey will not be a burden for the European Union. We currently have five million citizens in the European countries (…) all that’s left to be done is for us to receive us as a state, in the Union,” Edrogan said.

In context, Turkey’s President thanked the authorities of Bucharest for the support shown to his country in regards with the accession to the EU.

“The figures I have presented you earlier show that Turkey has long entered the European Union. The support we have received for the accession to the European Union has also come from Romania and I am thanking you very much,” Erdogan said.

The Turkish President also said that he knows about certain difficulties that the Turkish business people encounter and that he discussed these aspects within the official meeting he had with Prime Minister Victor Ponta at the Victoria Palace.

The participation in the Romania-Turkey Business Forum, carried out at Romania’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was the last event of the visit paid to Bucharest on Wednesday by Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who announced in his speech that, taking into account the events occurred on Tuesday evening in Istanbul, made the decision to make his visit to Romania shorter.


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