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June 28, 2022

“Bribe for PSD” file: Ioan Niculae , Bunea Stancu sentenced to prison, Geoana says there are no elements that binds him to the topic

Interagro group owner Ioan Niculae and the former President of Braila County Council Gheorghe Bunea Stancu, were sentenced on Thursday to prison with execution in the file “Bribe for PSD”, being convicted for illegal financing of Mircea Geoana’s presidential campaign in 2009. Despite being acquitted by the court of first instance, the Bucharest Court of Appeal sentenced Niculae to 2 years and six months imprisonment with execution and Bunea Stancu to three years imprisonment with execution.The decision is final.

President of the Romanian Social Party (PSRO), Mircea Geoana, said on Friday in Constanta, that “he does not know the businessman Ioan Niculae in person, but only from TV”, and that he has nothing to do with the case from the file “Bribe for PSD”.

The ‘Bribe for PSD’ file is about the intervention of the former President of Braila County Council, Gheorghe Bunea Stancu, with businessman Ioan Niculae, of whom he allegedly asked for EUR 1 M. The money – according to the prosecutors –were paid for Mircea Geoana’s presidential campaign.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) referred to trial, on 11 January 2012, PSD Braila Leader Gheorghe Bunea Stancu, Interagro group owner Ioan Niculae, Viorel Barac, director in the same group, and Gheorghe Teodorescu with INSOMAR, all being charged in connection with the financing of political parties.


Geoana: I have no form of association with this situation


“I tell you what is likely obvious, that I have no form of association with this situation. If it were the case to be any problem with me, the prosecutors who had incriminated the two or three that were sentenced yesterday would have caught me in this matter. I was not, this is the proof that there are no elements that bind me to my topic. (…) So there is absolutely nothing about me, I don’t have anything to do with this, “said Geoana, according to Agerpres.

The former PSD leader also denied the allegations that he would have met Ioan Nicolae and told that this issue has no element of reality and cannot be proved.”No, I don’t know Nicolae in person, only from TV as a businessman,” said Geoana, while adding that it was obvious he knew Bunea Stancu, who in 2009 was the chair of PSD Braila County branch.




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