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December 6, 2021

Accused of corruption, R. Moldova’s ex-president’s son blames the father

Sergiu Lucinschi, investigated into for corruption, currently under a probation order, said in a conversation with businessman Alexandru Horpos that his father, Petru Lucinschi, ex-President of the Republic of Moldova ‘took are of the whole combination’ to intervene in a case dealt with by DIICOT.

According to the report based on which the DNA prosecutors asked for Sergiu Lucinschi’s preventive arrest, he reassured Alexandru Horpos that he would travel to Chisinau to talk o his father and them he would ‘send signs to the prosecutor’. Lucinschi was referring to DIICOT prosecutor Remus Jurj, who was probing into Horpos in a criminal case.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ)  on Wednesday declined DNA’s request to place Sergiu Lucinschi under arrest awaiting trial, but issued a 30 day probation order instead. Sergiu Lucinschi is probed into for blackmail and influence peddling. DIICOT police officer Constantin Comaneanu has been arrested for an initial period of 30 days in the same case.

The prosecutors say Sergiu Lucinschi promised businessman Horpos to do the necessary diligence to have all his offences changed into a different legal class for which the investigation ceases if the precursory complaint is withdrawn. The quoted source notes that, during the same period, in order to add an even stronger impulsion to the afore-described pressure, commensurate with the amount, the defendant Lucinschi Sergiu claimed he had direct and indirect (mediated) influence over the judicial bodies dealing with criminal cases concerning the businessman’.

The other defendants in the case are DIICOT prosecutor Remus Jurj and lawyer Radu Pricop, the son-in-law of ex-President Traian Basescu, charged with complicity in blackmail.




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