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January 29, 2022

George Scutaru, heard at DNA: Former presidential adviser under judicial control and prosecuted for complicity in bribery and money laundering

Former presidential adviser George Scutaru on Friday was heard by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) in a file concerning corruption acts. Scutaru was placed under judicial control and is prosecuted for complicity in bribery and money laundering, after he allegedly received 170,000 euro, part of the bribe of one million euros received by a person responsible for the management of local administration, according to DNA.

In a press release remitted on Friday to Mediafax,  DNA shows that a criminal action and a judicial control measure for 60 days have been initiated from April 3, against George Adrian Scutaru, for  the crimes of complicity in bribery and money laundering.  According to prosecutors, in 2008, an official from the the local administration leadership, a denouncer in this case, requested and received a million euros as bribe from a person who asked him the help in implementing the steps for entering in the possession of a land in the area of the city of Buzau.

From the received money, according to a previous agreement, the informer would have given to Scutaru the sum of 170,000 euros, “the source and how he obtained the money being known exactly by Scutaru-Adrian George,” prosecutors said. “The amount of 170,000 euros, received cash by Adrian George Scutaru from the informer, was disguised by advertising contracts being used in the campaign of 2008,” prosecutors wrote in the decision ordering the measure of judicial control .

During judicial review, George Scutaru is prohibited to leave Romania and communicate with certain persons nominated by investigators. Scutaru also must go to Bucharest Police Station 5, in the days fixed by the monitoring program, to appear before the prosecutors or the court whenever called and announce when relocating. DNA stated that in this case,  criminal prosecution is carried out and to others persons.




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