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April 12, 2021

Romanian Academy celebrates 149th anniversary

The General Assembly of the Romanian Academy convened on Friday to celebrate the 149th anniversary of the Academy.

Opening the event was the Academy Chairman Ionel-Valentin Vlad, who delivered a short retrospective report on the Academy in almost one and a half century, as well as the main strategic coordinates for the future, in accordance with its fundamental mission as Romania’s supreme organisation of culture and science.

“The role of the Romanian Academy is to conduct a right mediation between integration, globalisation and the preservation of national identity”, Romanian Academy’s Chairman Ionel-Valentin Vlad told the convention of the Academy’s General Assembly . “In a world that tends to become global, a European national academy, such as the Romanian Academy, today has an urgent mission of great responsibility: to provide the right mediation between integration, globalisation and national identity. Its predominant part is to protect and promote the cultural identity of the country, that is its profound and unrepeatable spiritual values taking into account the current trends in the development of humankind,” Vlad told the opening of the event.

Vlad also presented a retrospective report on the activity of the academy in almost one a half century, as well as on the main strategic future coordinates, in step with its fundamental mission as a supreme culture and science organisation of Romania. In the same context, Vlad said “the academy can build a post-accession project that is strategic to Romania, with scientific arguments that transcend party politics and electoral cycles and that can be the basis for a dignified and respected integration with the European Union.”

“We hope that in early 2018 there will be a consensus of all the important organisations of the country on this project, so that we can achieve national cohesion for Romania’s strong and dignified development,” said Vlad quoted by Agerpres.

Attending the convention, Culture Minister Ionut Vulpescu said Romania needs a new design for a new century, with the Romanian Academy being one of the pillars to support the design.

He unveiled his ministry’s intention to restore and bring back to the public circuit for visiting all the homes of the architects of the Greater Union of 1918, at the same time with the publication of a history dictionary to include such personalities from all the Romanian territories, and the establishment of a Centre of National Unity History.

“At the same time, I am considering whether or not the Union Museum of Alba-Iulia should be turned into a National Centre of National Unity History that will simultaneously play an educational and training function, while hosting a permanent group of researchers and editors of books on the Greater Union. The history, philology and law sciences institutes of the Romanian Academy can bring their fundamental contribution to the creation of such a national history centre, and I would be very happy if the Academy answered in the positive to our invitation for it to be a partner of the Culture Ministry in the Greater Union centennial project,” said Vulpescu.

Extending greetings to the convention were also Education Minister Mihai Campeanu, Chairman of Moldova’s Academy of Sciences Gheorghe Duca, who is also an honorary member of the Romanian Academy, as well as Romania’s former President Ion Iliescu.

Official congratulations also came from Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

The convention of the General Assembly was followed by the opening of an exhibition called “Queen Elisabeta, Queen Maria, Ana Brancoveanu of Noailles and Elena Vacarescu – the first female members of the Romanian Academy,” at the Theodor Pallady Hall of the Library of the Romanian Academy.


Iohannis: Global recognition of Romanian Academy honours our country


President Klaus Iohannis on Friday sent a message on the occasion of the 149th anniversary since the establishment of the Romanian Academy, saying that the global recognition of this institution honours our country and also that he was convinced Academicians will remain an example of perseverance and vision.

“On the occasion of the 149th anniversary since the establishment of the Romanian Academy, I am very happy to congratulate you. I wish you to continue to have, as a benchmark institution of Romanian culture and science, such results to measure up to your efforts and expectations,” said the head of the state, according to the Presidential Administration.

He also said that the Romanian Academy was born “from the national desire of emancipation of the generation of the Revolution of 1848.”

“Shortly after its establishment, the Romanian Academy, thanks to the European institutional model adopted by its founders, became one of the symbols of the Romanian modern statehood. The national energies and intellectual resources, and also the attachment to the values of the European civilization, made from the Romanian Academy a solid and sustainable institution, despite the hardships of history,” added the head of the state.

President Iohannis also mentioned that the latest 25 years, when the Romanian Academy returned on its normal path, marked an opening to international cooperation as never seen before.

“The global recognition of the Academy honours our nations and does a great service to the global dialogue and civilizations. We will celebrate next year 150 years of existence of the Romanian Academy. With a rich past and from the height of your mission, I am convinced that you will remain an example of perseverance and vision. Many happy returns!,” showed the message.


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