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June 28, 2022

Catholic Easter Sunday and Orthodox Palm Sunday : “Happy holiday” wishes from President Iohannis, PM Ponta

On Catholic Easter Sunday and Orthodox Palm Sunday, President Klaus Iohannis wrote on his Facebook page to congratulate  Christians who are in celebration today.

‘To all those who celebrate the Catholic and Protestant Easter and the Orthodox Palm Sunday today, I wish happy holidays, health and confidence! Happy name day to all Romanians who have flower names!’ ,Iohannis , who  is a member of the Transylvania-based Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession, wrote.

His last reference was to the Romanian name of Palm Sunday – Florii, of the family of the word for ‘flower’, and besides Florin (male name) and Florina (female name), there are many other flower names used as given names in Romanian.

“Orthodox Christians from Romania celebrate today the Palm Sunday-Floriile. I wish you all a wonderful day, spent with you families and beloved ones,” Prime Minister Ponta wrote on his Facebook account. He also addressed his warmest wishes to all those celebrating their names today,  and expressed his hope that Easter celebrations would find us all healthy, united and hopeful.



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