Alina Bica’s lawyer: She’s having a terrible time at Targsor, inmates boo at her. Prison denies

Alina Bica’s lawyer Laura Voicu said her client was having a terrible time at the Targsor Prison where she is in quarantine and alone in the room, because, when she walks across the courtyard, the 200 inmates shout ‘a lot of things’ at her, some of the women held there having been investigated into by DIICOT. The Targsor Prison has reacted with a release denying the information.

Lawyer Laura Voicu made statement as she walked into the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) where she had been summoned in the case where she was charged with corruption, Mediafax reports.

‘It is the first time I see the prosecutor who sent me down there for 24 hours’, Laura Voicu said, referring to her 24 h detention on 19 March, in the case where she was charged with illegally attesting to the fact that a man was an intern lawyer at the Bucharest Bar Association and sending him to represent her at DNA.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal decided on 20 March that Laura Voicu should be placed under judicial control.

Asked how Bica was doing, Laura Voicu said: ‘Terrible’. She noted that, after he case had been referred to Court, the ex-DIICOT chief was transferred to the Targsor Women Prison where she is in quarantine and alone in the room.

‘It’s a legal, yet not normal measure. It’s probably a coincidence that, on a Wednesday, the first preventive arrest warrant (for Alina Bica – editor’s note) was replaced by house arrest and I was busted. And perhaps another coincidence that the day I raised the issues concerning the exceptions regarding the Bica 2 case, she was moved to Targsor’, Laura Voicu added.

Asked how Alina Bica (photo) had conducted herself while in prison, the lawyer said, as far as she understood, the prison staff were respectful and that she hoped they would protect her, as many inmates who had been investigated into by DIICOT were at Targsor.

‘It is a prison where, when she walks across the courtyard, the 200 inmates shout a lot of things at her, because most of their cases were dealt with by Bica at DIICOT. It’s terrible. I am convinced that the gentlemen there will act professionally and will protect her’, Voicu also said. Asked if Bica did not expect to end up in the Targsor Prison, Voicu said: ‘Do not forget that we had a request that had been granted by the DNA representative, that Mrs. Bica should be incarcerated, at least during this phase of the investigation, at the Central Arrest Facility, but she was instantly moved’.


Targșor Prison response


However, the detention facility denies the allegations and brings the following clarifications:

‘The Targsor women prison keeps in custody persons deprived or freedom under Law 254/2013 on the service of custodial sentences and measures ordered by judicial authorities in the course of the criminal process and under applicable regulations. We reiterate that the prison management permanently seeks to provide good conditions for the safety of person’s protection of life, bodily integrity and health of inmates, staff, detention facility and other persons according to Section 15 of the aforementioned law.

We stress that, since she was brought into the prison, the named person has not been involved in any incidents. She has not made any complaint or reported to the prison staff any aspects regarding threats or verbal abuse from other inmates’.

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