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May 8, 2021

Basescu vehemently attacks Coldea, Kovesi, Stanciu: They are the artisans of scattered justice. I do not call them out of spite

Former President Traian Basescu declared on Monday for the TV station B1 that he did not call Florian Coldea, Codruta Kovesi and Livia Stanciu on the phone “out of spite”, because they are “the artisans of this scattered manner of making justice, without any respect for people who were not convicted”, adding that “they want to keep their positions for five more terms”.

Asked why he was not calling Florian Coldea (the Deputy of the Romanian Intelligence Service -SRI leader, editor’s note) or the Head of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) judge Livia Stanciu, Traian Basescu had declared: “May I admit that I would not do it out of spite?”.

Basescu continued for B1 TV: “Because they are the artisans of this scattered manner of making justice, without any respect for people who were not convicted. What am I to do? They want to keep their positiond for five more terms”.

The ex-President admitted though having called Codruta Kovesi’s office. Kovesi is Head Prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).

“I demanded the secretary the phone number of a prosecutor who had worked on the ‘Fleet’ file”, Basescu declared, stating that he “needed to prolong his firearms licence and the Police issued a statement that the ex-President was involved in a criminal file, the famous ‘Fleet’ file that had remained at Constanta”.

The ex-President had declared that he had asked the Prosecutor what to do: “The man had said to me: ‘Mr. President, file a request here, we forward it to Constanta and afterwards, they forward their answer to the Internal Affairs Minister for the licence”, he also added.

Asked what he would tell Klaus Iohannis, if the latter asked him about the three of them, Traian Basescu mentioned: “I have seen all three of them with different attitudes as well. (…) Just as I finished my term”, mentioned that he had worked together just fine with them while being President.

Basescu mentioned also that he was never called by any of the three.

“I have left a message to Coldea only once asking him to call me, because he was not at the headquarters, because  I had found in my papers some secret documents that were not submitted and were being kept in my archive. I had called him and sent them to him”, the former President declared.


Basescu: Preventive arrests are abuses by prosecutors. He does not rule out unjust convictions.


Romania’s ex-PresidentTraian Basescu told B1 TV show “X-press” that  there are a lot of issues in Justice at this time, showing that there were abuses by prosecutors, such as preventive arrests and that he did not rule out the possibility of unjust convictions.

“The struggle against corruption must continue, because it had eroded the state. What I would like now is that these institutions would quit making abuses and would not start a triumphant manner of approaching justice, and stop showing off by violating people’s dignity”, the ex-President declared for B1 TV, emphasizing that “there was a long list of issues Justice had encountered at the time being”.

Also, he declared that “preventive arrests are abuses by prosecutors”.

According to Basescu, the ongoing events reveal a “type of justice made under unbelievable pressure”; he mentioned that “prolonging the measure is unfair”.

“The denunciation started being considered proof. We did not struggle for this kind of justice. I have no explanation as to why things are happening this way, a few months after I had finished m term”, Basescu also declared.

According to the ex-President, a person retained and escorted under arrest to the High Court is received with a “cortege of press and of information issued to the press”.

“So, preparing the arrest is completed using means that are unfair to a person that was not yet convicted. There are triumphant releases from under arrest during a show by a certain TV host. Then, he is carried to the arrest department and, in the meantime, certain facts in his file are being revealed”, Traian Basescu also declared, mentioning that an issue is represented by the fact that “an arrested person is instantly haunted by the Romanian Intelligence Service, by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate, by the Court of Auditors and by the press. “He has no chance left”, the former President added.

Traian Basescu also declared that he did not rule out “the possibility of unjust convictions” and mentioned that, in his opinion, “arrests in order to force confessions are a violation of human rights and the right to dignity”.

“My friends, this had never happened during my term. Voiculescu, Nastase, Fenechiu, Remes, Muresan, all of them were investigated while being free”, Basescu also declared, outlining that the trend of arrests had started at the end of his term.

“There were examples of abusive arrests in the past as well, but this wild frenzy of actions was never applied, the prosecutors had no need to win and exhibit trophies. There were cases when tougher measures were required, though”, Basescu also mentioned, bringing up the case of MP Mihail Boldea, who had run away to Kenya.

“This trend of arrests is a hobby by bosses, to earn them another term at DNA or the other institutions”, Basescu estimated, adding that “such approaches harm institutions and affect their credibility”.


I recommend people who think they were abusively arrested to contact ECHR


Ex-President also declared for B1 that he recommended all of those who thought they had been abusively arrested to contact the European Court of Human Rights (CEDO), mentioning that justice needed to apply laws, not abuse, and being arrested at the General Police Department (IGP) was “torture”.

Traian Basescu pointed out that the responsibility by magistrates should exist, mentioning that, at the time being, the first reflex by prosecutors is to put defendants behind bars.

“I recommend all people who think they were abusively arrested to contact ECHR. This Guantanamo-like trend has to stop”, the ex-President stated for B1 TV.

Basescu also said that a person kept under arrest abusively, with no concrete proof, was being tortured, and that arrest at IGP was also torture”.

“I will not give up pointing out things for the sake of seeming someone who supports justice no matter what. Justice needs to apply laws, not abuse. Why not keep them on probation?”, Basescu mentioned.

Traian Basescu further declared that anyone has the right to dignity and a chance to defend themselves. “Let us set things straight; I am not discussing Elena Udrea’s case, I am discussing what I see as a side-slip from what I helped develop during my term”, he further declared.


On sons-in-law’ legal issues: Am I an officer in my family? I am not accusing myself of not demanding SRI to investigate them earlier


Ex-President Traian Basescu also spoke out on Monday evening, as a guest to the show “X-press”, broadcasted by B1 TV, on son-in-law Radu Pricop’s legal issues, stating that Ioana Basescu was not married to Radu in 2013.

Traian Basescu mentioned that his son-in-law had met Sergiu Lucinschi in 2014, that that he did not accuse himself of not demanding SRI to investigate the past of his daughters’ sons before they got married.

“In 2013, my daughter was not married to Radu. I may tell you that Radu has explained to me what these things were all about. That the blackmail had started with a document Lucinschi had made in 2013 and had submitted to DNA, a document issued by a lawyer named Pricop. My son-in-law met Lucinschi in 2014, so he had no connection whatsoever to the DNA document. This is why I think they were easier on him; they only forbade him to leave the country?

Am I am officer in my family? They may accuse me of anything, but, when you are the President and you devote 20 hours per day to this job, you rarely happen to sleep as much as five hours – I never took any weekend out as a President, it was very demanding fo me (…) I was seeing my children once in three or four months and I do not know if a saw my brother ten times during my ten years of Presidency. I am not accusing myself of not demanding SRI, before my daughters got married, to investigate whom they got married to”, Basescu declared.

Moreover, the former Head of the state repeated the idea what Elena Udrea was innocent in the Bute Gala file she was arrested in.

“I saw the propaganda. (…) Elena Udrea had no problem in any file until the denunciations, that were not made during my term, because I do not think she would have been spared. Udrea did not take that bag of money, and that bag of money never arrived at her office”, Basescu declared.


Romania should be worried about Moscow, Putin will arrive at the Danube


Ex-President Traian Basescu also mentioned that Romania should be worried about Moscow, adding that Putin would arrive at the Danube as fast as he grabbed the right opportunity.

Asked whether Romania was afraid of Moscow, the ex-President mentioned:

“It does not need to be afraid, but it does need to be worried. All states made massive investments in their capabilities: Poland, the Baltic countries, Sweden, Norway. Hundreds, thousands of military officers and heavy American weaponry are sent to Romania, Poland and the Baltic countries. If I was the President or the Prime Minister, I would have invested more, as a country benefiting of all this effort. If I heard the PM that there was an overplus in the budget, I would have told him to increase the budget of defence by EUR 200 to 300 million. I think it would have been a fair political answer”, Traian Basescu declared.

The former Head of the State mentioned having met Putin four times, and defined him as an intelligent man, highly inflexible when it comes to Russia:

“We have met in official visits twice. We have discussed face to face four times, times, in summits we both attended, and our discussions never required less than 30 minutes. He is an intelligent man, highly inflexible when it comes to Russia and his purposes”, he added.

Moreover, the former President pointed out that Putin will arrive at the Danube as soon as he catches the right opportunity.

“The West missed the chance to stop Putin. They will be unable to stop him. Putin will arrive at the Danube as soon as he catches the right opportunity. Now, they have struck him with the sanctions and with the price of oil. If he had the price of oil fixed at USD 100… Putin has 40,000 soldiers in Crimea, so very close to Odessa”, the former Head of the state concluded.


Basescu denies rumours that he wants citizenship in Moldova to run for a high position


Ex-President Traian Basescu denied on Monday the theory that he intended to apply for citizenship in Moldova in order to run for President in the respective country, and, once he was elected, he would become the President of Romania in case of a union.

“No, I did not apply for it (the citizenship in Moldova, editor’s note). No, these are speculations by people whom I might define as having a low level of responsibility. How can you even imagine that a former President of Romania becomes the President of Republic of Moldova and unites countries. No, the two countries, will unite either willingly, or forcefully. Willingly in approximately 20 years, unwillingly tomorrow, perhaps”, the former President declared for B1 TV. Asked whether Romania and Moldova would reunite in a reasonable amounf of time, Basescu mentioned that responsible political persons in Chisinau, considering the “situation in the region, what happened to Ukraine”, should be aware that “a wall was created between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, on one hand, and the European Union, on the other hand”. “Obviously, we have a free exchange agreement, we have free travel, a liberalization of visas, but from this point to joining the European Union, the road has just become an infinite distance for these two countries”.

“The signal issued by Moscow was pretty clear. Any approach by Ukraine towards the European Union means military intervention. They will not allow it, they strategically need this tampon between the Russian Federation and the European Union, NATO. (…) The Republic of Moldova is controlled for a long time, due to the war in Transnistria. Moreover, the there are already troops of the Russian Federation on the territory of Moldova. Now, more or less admitted by Russia, Ukraine itself has troops of the Russian Federation or loyal to the Russian Federation on its own territory”, the former Head of the State declared. Asked whether everything was lost in Moldova, geopolitically speaking, from Romania’s point of view, Basescu replied: “For the time being, yes”.











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