Court forces Premier Victor Ponta to organize partial elections

The Cluj Court of Appeals has forced the government to set a date for partial elections for the office of Cluj County Council Chairman, an office vacated after Horia Uioreanu resigned in October 2014 on account of his legal problems. The court decision comes after County Council member Mihai Seplecan (PNL) sued Ponta for failing to respect the electoral law which says that the government has to organize elections “within three months at most” after an office of mayor, county council chairman or MP is vacated. The government can appeal against the court’s decision. Victor Ponta stated on Monday that he will respect the court’s decision.

Apart from Cluj-Napoca, partial elections are also needed in Braila, Hunedoara, Valcea and Neamt counties. Likewise, throughout the country there are 26 mayoralties for which partial elections should have been organized. Moreover, there are also parliamentary constituencies that were vacated after Senators or Lower Chamber MPs resigned, died or ended up in jail.


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