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January 28, 2023

Elena Udrea, Dorin and Alin Cocos, Gabriel Sandu and Tudor Breazu heard by anti-corruption prosecutors

Ex-Minister of Regional Development and Tourism Elena Udrea, ex-Communications Minister Gabriel Sandu, businessman Tudor Breazu and Udrea’s ex-husband Dorin Cocos, his son, Alin Cocos, were summoned, and respectively brought to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) on Wednesday.

Dorin and Alin Cocos arrived first. They were questioned in the Bica 2 case, detached from the one regarding the illegal ANRP deals. Alin Cocos is currently under house arrest and his father is on remand.

Ex-Minister Gabriel Sandu, currently on house arrest, investigated into for bribery and money laundering, was also questioned in the Microsoft case. He spent a few hours in the DNA building, but refused to make statements to the press.

At the same time, the DNA prosecutors also questioned Udrea in the Gala Bute case and Tudor Breazu, the manager of the company that takes care of her land in Nana.

Udrea asked the prosecutors to listen to her explanations on the alleged bribe she got from Adrian Gardean, hoping that she may be removed from custody and placed under house arrest or judicial control.

According to Antena 3 TV, who quotes judicial sources, the criminal investigation has been expanded in the case of Elena Udrea also for the charge of money laundering, in the Gala Bute case. The accusation refers to the fact that the money received as bribe was ‘donated’ to her party. According to the same sources, Udrea was confronted with Tudor Breazu during the hearings.

Elena Udrea’s lawyer Marius Striblea told the press that the PMP MP had been summoned for hearings. ‘No, I don’t exclude a confrontation’, he said when asked if Udrea could be confronted with Dorin Cocos.

Hearings will end up straight on the table of the judges who will make a decision on Friday on the ex-minister’s request to have his preventive arrest replaced with house arrest. On Monday, Udrea asked for the replacement of the preventive arrest with house arrest or judicial control. The ex-minister’s request will be heard by the ICCJ magistrates on Friday.

In the Gala Bute case, Elena Udrea was initially charged with abuse of power, attempted use of false documents or declarations for wrongfully obtaining funds from the budget of the European Union, use of influence for obtaining undue benefits and bribery. Afterwards, DNA brought three new bribery charges.


DNA: Elena Udrea, under criminal investigation for money laundering, too


The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors decided to extend the criminal investigation on former minister Elena Udrea and Tudor Breazu, the administrator of the plots of land at Nana Commune, for committing the offense of money laundering, in the Bute Gala case.

According to a DNA release remitted to Agerpres on Wednesday, in the period 2010-2011, Elena Udrea and Ana-Maria Topoliceanu, National Company of Investments Director (suspect in the case), received an amount of approximately 300,000 lei from the SC Consmin SA administrator in order to ensure the payment in due time of the works conducted by this company based on the contracts signed with the National Company of Investments.

Thus, the prosecutors show, after the National Company of Investments made the payments to SC Consmin SA for the works, the company’s administrator ordered the transfer of 10 per cent of the collected amount to SC Last Time Studio SRL, controlled by Stefan Lungu, former adviser of Elena Udrea, based on some fictitious consultancy contracts. This way, 5 payments worth 335,486 lei were made. In his turn, Stefan Lungu was giving the money to Tudor Breazu.

At the same time, the DNA release points out, in 2011, Elena Udrea asked and received from Adrian Gardean, for herself and for a third party, material benefits worth 10 per cent of the payments made by the Regional Development and Tourism Ministry for the works contracts signed by SC Termogaz Company SA and SC Kranz Eurocenter SRL, in exchange for the guarantee that the funding will be approved in due time.

Hence, in the period July 19, 2011 – July 18, 2012, in the organisation’s accounting files a number of 21 donation contracts were registered with a total value of 1,537,200 lei.


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