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May 24, 2022

ICCJ president answers Basescu’s allegations: I am not going to be intimidated by politicians’ reactions

The President of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), Livia Stanciu, has answered Traian Basescu’s attacks. Stanciu says it is regrettable that a former president of the country should make assertions that hurt the image of the judiciary, but stresses that she is not going to be intimidated by political attacks. The reaction of the ICCJ head comes after ex-President Traian Basescu said that Florian Coldea (deputy director of the Romanian Intelligence Service-SRI), Laura Codruta Kovesi ( and Livia Stanciu were the ‘artisans’ of the ‘messy’ way justice operates in Romania.

Livia Stanciu says the attacks of ex-President Traian Basescu only disqualify Romania as a country and that is something politicians who voice irresponsible opinions on the work of the magistrates ought to consider.

‘It is a regrettable thing that a former president of the country should express such fears, as a former president who served several terms in office should be a role model of public conduct. I do not intend to engage in such a dialogue and I do not understand the logic of this rhetoric. (…) All these attacks do is disqualify us as a country (…). I believe this is something all those who, no matter if they are politicians or individuals who voice their sometimes irresponsible opinions on the activity of magistrates, should think about’, Livia Stanciu said before the meeting of the Superior Magistracy Council on Tuesday.

Asked if she considered reporting the incident generated by Traian Basescu’s assertions to the Judicial Inspection, Stanciu suggested she would no do that.

‘I could hardly be intimidated by reactions of politicians regarding the activity of judge Livia Stanciu. The action of each judge tells about the stature of that judge and the stature of the Court he/she sits in’, Stanciu said.


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