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December 4, 2021

Just released from jail, George Copos suspected of plagiarism

A book written by businessman George Copos while in jail is suspected of plagiarism. This was one of the five books written by the businessman in just 13 months’ time, a publishing activity which resulted in the reduction of his jail sentence. The book is a scientific paper for which Copos is suspected of plagiarism just one day after being released, after the discovery of a Master of Arts thesis with a similar title, written a decade ago and coordinated by the same professor that wrote the preface to George Copos’s book. Historian Catalin Parfene states that the theme addressed by the book written by Copos is the same as the one addressed by his M.A. thesis. The historian wants to compare the two texts.

George Copos is the first to be released from among the 8 defendants sentenced in the Football Players’ Transfers case. In jail he won over 200 days by working in the jail’s woodwork workshop and by writing five books – a history book and four books on tourism subjects.

Copos spent 13 months in jail. He was jailed in March 2014, after he was sentenced to 3 years and 8 months in the Football Players’ Transfers case. The businessman then received a 4-year jail sentence in the Lottery I case. The two sentences were merged.

Professor Stelian Brezeanu, the man that issued his notice on the paper written by George Copos in jail, rules out the possibility of plagiarism. Moreover, he claims that the former owner of FC Rapid wrote an honest paper that has average scientific value. “Mr. Copos was honest, unlike Victor Ponta who plagiarized. I never saw him, I was contacted by a lady and I just offered my notice on a paper that I found to be good. I would give it a grade of 6 or 7, if I were to grade it. I gave my approval for it to be published. Once again, it’s an honest paper, with average bibliography, above average even. You should know that students sometimes bring papers below this level. I mentioned its merits, so to speak, in the preface too,” Brezeanu stated for ProSport. The book, called “Matrimonial alliances in the policy of Wallachian and Moldavian Princes from the 14th to the 16th Century,” can no longer be bought from the publishing house that published it, the total number of copies printed being bought by the author himself.


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