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December 2, 2021

Predoiu: I am leaving public life if I am suspected of corruption; otherwise, let Ponta go

PNL Prime-Vice-President Catalin Predoiu sent on Monday to PSD President Victor Ponta the draft version of a shared declaration, stipulating an agreement between the two leaders that the Liberal should quit politics if declared a suspect of corruption, and otherwise, the Social-Democrat should do the same thing.

In the preamble of the shared declaration draft version, sent on Monday to the Mediafax agency, it is mentioned: “Considering that Romanians expressed their option for such politics by their vote of November 16, 2015.

Convinced by the fact that the only chance for progress and welfare of Romanian society is cleaning the political class of corrupt persons and an improvement in its professional level, considering the press release issued by the Social-Democrat Party, demanding Catalin Predoiu’s resignation based on alleged corruption offences”, and then, the text continues: “We declare: 1. in case the undersigned, Catalin Predoiu, will be declared a suspect in a corruption case, I quit all political positions and I leave public life; 2. in the opposite case to point 1, the undersigned, Victor Ponta, quit all political positions and leave public life”.

Predoiu, who is also the planned Prime-Minister of the alternative Government proposed by PNL, wrote on his Facebook page that he had sent this draft declaration to Victor Ponta, “at PSD headquarters, with receipt notification”.

Last week, PSD had demanded Catalin Predoiu’s resignation of all positions he had held in PNL due to disclosures regarding the support he had received in his 2008 electoral campaign; Social-Democrats pointed out the fact that Predoiu should assume “attendance to a campaign financed out of corruption”.

The request appeared after former Presidential adviser George Scutaru was placed under probation and is legally prosecuted for complicity to bribe taking and money laundering, after allegedly having received EUR 170,000, a share of the EUR 1,000,000 received by a highly positioned person in local administration. The sum was used in the electoral campaign  of 2008.

At that time, Predoiu had declared that he “firmly denies denigrating insinuations and the disrespectful demand by PSD and Victor Ponta regarding his resignation”, and that he “never ever” committed a corruption-related offence.

In 2008, Predoiu, Justice Minister at that time, had run for Deputy in a Buzau County region, but the validated winner was Marian Ghiveciu (PSD), who was sued in 2011 by DNA prosecutors for abuse of office damaging personal interests and leading to achieving a patrimonial benefit for others.




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