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September 30, 2022

Basescu says he will continue his interventions on the theme of justice: Do not delude yourselves, I am not going to stop

Former President Traian Basescu announces he will continue his public interventions on the theme of justice. ‘I will not stop’, the ex-president said in a Facebook message on Thursday.

‘Do not delude yourselves, I will continue to legally express my opinions on justice. I have invested too much and paid much too dearly, personally and politically, during these ten years to remain silent when it comes to justice today.

I am not stopping here in spite of all the shouting of the dissatisfied. I will continue to express myself publicly because I do not want people to say, after some time, that the justice that has become deformed in the last months by violating human rights is what was built in my ten years in office.

Dear dissatisfied people, please remember that I am not against fighting corruption. I actually started this battle for the survival of the rule of law and the institutional and legal mechanisms against it were created during my terms in office.

What I say on justice is not a response to what is happening to people close to me, but to the action of justice itself in the last few months, action through which, step by step, justice is compromising itself on a long term with these televised shows humiliating the suspects and defendants, with lack of respect for people’s dignity and freedom and for the right to defence.

I have said this before and I am repeating it: a state cannot make progress and is not viable without a strong and credible judicial system.

But justice itself cannot be viable as long as the prosecutors and judges are on the same side of the barricade, be it the barricade of anti-graft fight. What is the chance of a defendant in front of a judge if the judge fights on the same side of the barricade as the prosecutor? Why don’t we just let the prosecutor convict people straight away, since ‘we are all on the same side of the barricade’? Why do we need judges if they refuse or cannot be the power that should weigh the excessive action of the prosecutors when there is any? Why do we still need a rights and freedom judge? I believe the only institution that can settle the accounts is the Supreme Magistracy Council (CSM).

Criminal justice cannot be viable and credible if, by its action, it violates fundamental human rights. Regardless of the social condition, a person has the right to dignity, freedom and defence. What dignity are we talking about as long as, during the simple detention by a prosecutor, you parade that person in handcuffs in front of the mass-media?

What right to defence are we talking about as long as, before the trial, you throw the defendant into prison, reducing his/her chance to defend himself/herself and making him/her already guilty in the eyes of the general public, with the assistance of the press? Have any of you, my deal televised justice enthusiasts, seen the hideous show of televised arrests in Romania at least in one other EU country?

The well-deserved humiliation of criminals, be they corrupt politicians, is the conviction by a court of law, not a public condemnation before trial.

This is what I am fighting for right now. For a correct continuation of what has happened in the justice system in the last ten years. I can assure you that a lot is still to be done in the area of justice and this truth cannot be covered by televised shows or brutal violation of individual rights.

And I am not going to stop’, is the conclusion of the message posted by the former president on his Facebook page on Thursday.


Macovei: Basescu is removing himself from politics by what he says


MEP Monica Macovei says Traian Basescu had a disappointing appearance in his latest TV interview and that he is removing himself from politics by what he says.

Monica Macovei says ex-president disqualified himself after his latest TV appearance

‘Disappointing to me. He was saying that Iohannis, Ponta and I wanted him out of the political life.

I am for the freedom of political association. After his statements about the ICCJ president, about Mrs. Kovesi, in my opinion he disqualified himself and he is removing himself from politics. Why isn’t the justice system good any more, why has it changed?

I have seen a variety of answers. What did change from one week to the next? Why didn’t he warn about those things a week ago when he was praising justice? Speaking of partnership, I looked at what Mrs. Stanciu said (…) it was a public performance report where she said that institutions have now set up a partnership against corruption. We all want this institutional partnership against corruption. Is corruption serious or not? We work together. Her statement has been taken out of the general context. This is why SRI is engaged, because it is a threat to national security. Yes, corruption can ruin a country. Look at Ukraine.

If there are excessive actions in individual cases, they will be held liable on an individual basis. The judge arrests, the prosecutor detains for 24 hours (…). Traian Basescu says for a week that the DNA activity is a good one, then, a week later, he says it’s no longer good. The law doesn’t say magistrates should not relate to SRI. DGIPI seems to me the most dangerous structure, as it is the hardest to control’, Macovei said on a TV channel.





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