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August 8, 2022

Calin Popescu Tariceanu defends Klaus Iohannis: ‘What’s the problem if the president goes away for Easter?’

The Speaker of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, defended President Klaus Iohannis who chose to spend his Easter holiday abroad without immediately announcing it. ‘What’s the problem if the president goes away for a few days on Easter? Don’t regular people do the same thing? Cotroceni is not a steel mil where they need to charge every day. We really should leave this Stakhanovist (the Stakhanovite movement was named after Aleksei Stakhanov, a Soviet worker who 14 times his quota in less than 6 hours) style Traian Basescu used, the institution must operate normally’, Tariceanu said on B1 TV.

President Klaus Iohannis and his wife, Carmen, are on holiday. The information was confirmed by press release by the Presidential Administration at the beginning of the week, when they informed that the president was on Easter holiday from 6 to 10 April. According to the website of Portuguese ‘Diarios de Noticias’ newspaper, Iohannis is in Madeira Islands, Portugal.

An Evangelical Lutheran, President Klaus Iohannis celebrated Easter last Sunday and was expected to attend, together with his wife, Carmen, the Easter Vigil at the ‘Holy Trinity’ Roman-Catholic Church in Sibiu, where he went on Christmas, as well as on Easter in the last few years, as a Mayor of Sibiu.

Local sources say the president and his wife actually spent Easter in Germany, where his family is, and from there, they went to Portugal.


Prime-Minister Ponta has also left on holiday


Prime-Minister Victor Ponta has delegate his Government leading powers to Deputy Prime-Minister Gabriel Oprea and left on his Easter holiday. ‘From 9 to 13 April, 2015, Gabriel Oprea, Deputy Prime-Minister for National Security, Minister of Home Affairs, will discharge the duties of the prime-minister regarding the operative leadership of the activity of the Romanian Government’, reads a decision published in the Official Journal on Thursday.

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