We are the champions of destructive criticism

We want corruption to be eliminated, but we are annoyed by handcuffs. We want to see people who are tremendously rich caught and sent to jail, but we are irritated when high-profile business persons and popular politicians are arrested by masked officers and carried to preventive arrest „too often” and “too much”.

We want freedom of expression, but we hate it when the press expresses too much and reveals things that do not charm our eyes and ears. We want tax evasion to be punished, but we hate the huge fines applied for money that is impossible to justify with papers. We want to demand and receive a receipt when we shop, but we yell at authorities “because of their new tax codes and all”, for forcing us to be fair.

We have been dreaming for many decades for the Americans to come and rescue us, but now we are complaining that they have brought their war toys here and that they want to use our country as a launching pad. We want to prevent the Romanian forests from being cut endlessly, but we are angry that firewood is more difficult to purchase than before, because wood cutters fear drastic control terribly.

We want subventions and financial help for agriculture, but we are troubled by the fact that too many papers are required in order to get them. We want the bribe system to be exposed, but we are discontent of all the surveillance cameras in the institutions, and of the fact that we cannot accelerate the route of a file a little more. We want labour market to be liberalized, but we criticize the fact that many of our fellow countrymen leave the country in the struggle for better wages.

We want “little gifts” to end, but we moan that a regular citizen will never be paid attention if he fails to offer “something”. We want the number of traffic accidents to end, but we start quarreling when fines are increased for driving offences or when another semaphore is installed for us to wait for other people to “cross our path”. We want a civilized railway transportation, but we are far from pleased when technically deficient trains, that might jeopardize our life, are canceled.

We want the number of stray dogs roaming in the streets and exposing our country in a negative way to decrease, but we swear at those who force us to neuter or to spay the animals in our yard. We want a civilized system of adoptions, that would protect kids’ interests, but we complain that the procedure is taking too long and that it is too complicated to take a child home. We want better roads, but we are continuously protesting when the roads are in construction, in order to be modernized. We want foreign investors to come to our country and to start up the rusty engines of factories but we are immediately insulted when they demand conditions such as roads for access.

We want a well organized medical system, but we criticize the health card, that is one more burden in our wallet, and even an “instrument of the Devil”, but few Romanians attend periodic medical examinations. We want banks to give us loans easier, but we are furious at bankers that insist us to pay our debt in time. We want to have cars, but we are complaining that the highways are crammed and that we are wasting our time in traffic jams.

We want more tourists to come to our country, but we have lost a long time ago the hospitality we were famous for two decades ago. We want sportsmen to represent us at international competition, but we protest vehemently as soon as they disappoint us a little. We want young talented Romanians to make us proud that we are Romanians, but we abjure them as soon as we hear that they want to study abroad. We want a Prime Minister to do his job and to adopt measures for the benefit of citizens, not only for the state budget, but we criticize Victor Ponta at any occasion, for anything he says and anything he does. We want a President who would behave decently and not interfere in anyone’s business, but we protest that he is too silent, that he is not sufficiently involved in things that fall within the responsibility of Mps and of the Government, and that he fails to solve the urgent issues of society, forgetting that they are none of his attributions.

We want to evolve, but we dynamite our every attempt by criticizing everything, every step ahead, every move our fellow human beings make.

Compared to other countries, critical spirit in Romania is working “in overdose” and as writer Andrei Plesu confessed, it “stops being a virtue” and “becomes an illness”. An illness that drags us down as a nation and prevents us from becoming what we want to become and keeps our society far away from the ascending route of Western countries. Where does exaggerated attitude to everything that surrounds us come from? It is a dilemma experienced also by most foreigners that enter our country. And, obviously, Romanians criticize them for it.


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