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October 22, 2021

Alina Gorghiu: Ponta method of shifting blame, strikingly similar to the one patented by former president Basescu

The Easter holidays have just ended and PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu has launched a new attack against Premier Victor Ponta. She wrote on Facebook on Tuesday that the Head of Government does not want to build highways unless state authorities turn a blind eye to corruption and allow the members of government to get their share of the spoils.

“Many of you have travelled on the country’s roads these days and I am sure you are preoccupied with the state of Romania’s roads and moreover with the government’s road infrastructure plans. At the end of last week Premier Ponta feigned an explanation meant to justify why infrastructure projects are not making any headway. Obviously, the Premier did not put into question the competence or good faith of his ministers (Mr. Dan Sova, for instance, managed the construction of highways both from the Transport Ministry as well as his position as minister for infrastructure projects and investments). According to Mr. Ponta, those who appeal against the tenders and win are to blame, as happened in the case of the feasibility study on the Sibiu-Pitesti highway,” Alina Gorghiu wrote. “The Ponta method of shifting blame is strikingly similar to the one patented by former president Basescu with whom he successfully cohabitated: it consists of identifying a national enemy in a certain category of citizens. In Mr. Victor Ponta’s opinion, the enemies of highways are those that unmask dubious, fixed tenders and do not allow the government to work. The conclusion is clear: the Ponta Government can build highways, on one condition: that everyone turns a blind eye to corruption and to a few extra digits added to the bill. Not to mention the day when Dacia-Renault will go from threats to action and will relocate to another country, dissatisfied with the promises not respected…,” the PNL Co-President wrote.

Alina Gorghiu’s reaction comes after Premier Ponta wrote on Twitter last week about the appeal announced by the National Council for Solving Complaints (CNSC), an appeal filed against the tender organized by the National Highway Company and that entails the reassessment of the bids filed and the delaying of the feasibility study on the A1 Highway Sibiu-Pitesti.

“The tragedy of infrastructure projects – the appeals and CNSC! This is what happens to Pitesti-Sibiu and other important projects!” was Premier Ponta’s tough message posted on Twitter. Prior to that, the Premier had stated: “Mr. Rus (the Transport Minister – editor’s note) has given me good news and bad news. The good news is that the winner of the tender for the feasibility study on Pitesti-Sibiu has been selected. The bad news is that an appeal has been filed immediately,” Ponta stated.

In March the government decided that the companies that file appeals against the results of public tenders should deposit a financial guarantee “of good behaviour,” representing 1 per cent of the estimated value of the contract concerned, a guarantee that would be collected in full in case the appeal is rejected. However, the Constitutional Court declared this stipulation unconstitutional.


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