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April 12, 2021

ANRP file: The High Court of Cassation and Justice checked the legality of the preventive measures taken

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) on Tuesday checked the legality of the preventive measures taken in the case where the former head of the National Integrity Agency (ANI), Horia Georgescu, and MPs Catalin Theodor Nicolescu and Marko Attila-Gabor were brought to trial in the National Authority for Property Restitution (ANRP) case. A preliminary chamber judge analysed the preventive measures taken in the case, including the preventive arrest of Horia Georgescu and Catalin Theodor Nicolescu.

The ex-ANI chief was charged with three abuse of offices offences with exceptionally grievous consequences and Catalin Theodor Nicolescu with continued bribe-taking (24 material acts) and three offences of abuse of office with exceptionally grievous consequences.

Other 9 people who, at the date of the offences, were either members of the Central Commission for Establishing Damages in the National Authority for the Return of Properties, or were authorised property valuators have been brought to justice in the case: Ingrid Zaarour, under judicial control, ANRP President when the offences were committed, Mihnea-Remus Iuoras and Ingrid Popa-Mocanu, both under remand, Vice-Presidents of ANRP at the date of the offences, Remus Baciu, convicted and with a custodial sentence in a different corruption case, Vice-President of ANRP at the date of the offences, Catalin Canagiu, currently on remand, representative of the Ministry of Public Finance, Gheorghe Visoiu, on remand, ANRP employee, Florin Hanu, authorised property valuator, member of ANEVAR, Cornel Drula and Niculai Nistor, ANEVAR authorised valuators, currently on house arrest.

The total damage in the case if over EUR 84.5 M.


Marko Attila Gabor’s resignation, analysed at Chamber of Deputies


The resignation of MP Marko Attila Gabor arrived to the Chamber of Deputies in hard copy on Tuesday and will be analysed by the Standing Bureau of the Chamber, according to Mediafax. The Secretary of the Chamber of Deputies, Nicolae Mircovici, brought the clarifications after the meeting of the Chamber leadership, explaining that the decision was for the plenary session to take place on Wednesday to take note of Marko Attila’s resignation as a member of Parliament. The Ministry of Justice will be duly informed afterwards.

The UDMR MP sent his resignation about two weeks ago, but the Chamber of Deputies could not accept it as it was just a photocopy. The Chamber will take note of Marko Attila Gabor’s resignation and, under the new conditions, the MPs in the lower Chamber don’t have to make a decision on DNA’s request to detain and arrest the UDMR MP anymore.

Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu has sent the request and supporting report to the minister of justice who, in turn, was supposed to ask the Chamber of Deputies to approve the detention and preventive arrest of UDMR MP Marko Attila Gabor, charged with three criminal offences of abuse of office in the ANRP case.


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