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April 12, 2021

Ex-President Traian Basescu defends Elena Udrea, Alina Bica and Radu Pricop

Ex-President Traian Basescu states in a message posted on Facebook, with the headline ‘Six things I do not believe’, that he didn’t believe Alina Bica, Horia Georgescu and Elena Udrea abused office and took bribe. Basescu also says he doesn’t believe ‘the land lawfully bought by Ioana Basescu was legally sequestered’ and that his son-in-law, Radu Pricop, ‘made a complaint to DIICOT for a client in 2013 and then and then taught the client how to blackmail the object of the criminal complaint’.

‘Six things I do not believe: 1. That Alina Bica abused office, that she took bribe for returning properties or from a fresh convict serving a 11-year custodial sentence or for partly lifting the sequestration of a businessman’s stock; 2. That Horia Georgescu abused office, took bribe and had to be arrested; 3. That Elena Udrea abused office, received, from Gala Bute, a bag with 900,000 euro in her ministerial office or anywhere else (can you imagine her stealing money from Bute or committing corruption for personal gain at Bute’s expense?) or went on holidays paid for by subordinates, for which reasons she should be arrested; 4. That Radu Pricop (my son-in-law) prepared a complaint to DIICOT in 2013 for a client and then taught that client how to blackmail the object of the complaint; 5. That I blackmailed Firea (at least I know for a fact I did not do such thing); 6. That the lawfully bought land by Ioana Basescu (my daughter) in the locality of Nana was legally sequestered’, the ex-president states in his message posted on Facebook.


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