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October 27, 2020

Traian Basescu, new Facebook attack against journalists criticising him

In a new Facebook post published on Tuesday night, ex-President Traian Basescu showed once against his anger against journalists criticising him.

Traian Basescu expressed his discontentment with criticism regarding against his attacks on Justice, ever since his protegees were placed behind bars. Basescu pointed out that he had struggled for ten years with the entire political class, especially to protect justice.

“While you were defending for many years criminals investigated on probation and convicted definitively, I was trying to persuade the public that, above the legitimate wish to see corrupts punished, one must take into account human rights, regardless of the identity of the human, rights such as dignity, freedom and defence, until a sentence is pronounced”, the ex-President wrote on Facebook, hinting at TV stations Romania TV and Antena 3.

“The antennists of informant Felix and the RTV-ists of Felix’ younger comrade, Sebastian Ghita, forge the truth and try to pretend that their traditional positions denigrating Justice are the same as my positions while demanding Justice to respect human rights. (…) For ten years, I have struggled with the entire political class in order to protect justice, and for ten years, you have antagonized me to destroy the project of independent justice. But I will never accept, in anyone’s case, the idea that people are thrown behind bars before being tried (if they do not destroy evidence and they have not committed murder), as I see that, for a few months, preventive arrest is unofficially used as means of psychical pressure in order to make the defendant admit that “he did what he did not do” in the hope that he will be released for the rest of the inquiry. Obviously, you would accept any abomination of Justice if it was targeted against the people informant Felix and his successor Ghita considered as their enemies. I want the CVM to continue until we have an efficient, discrete and decent Justice, and you want Justice to be a TV show that would not touch your masters, but a Justice you can bring on the screen, just like you do with Ponta or the Liberals, and make them report to the defrocked guy or to the antennist clown. See the difference between you and me, dear antennists and RTV-ists?” Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.





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