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August 5, 2021

Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc about MP Marko Attila: ‘It’s a matter of time before he’s brought back to Romania’

In Brussels for a hearing in the European Parliament on Tuesday, Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc said ‘it is just a matter of time’ before UDMR MP Marko Attila is brought back into the country to undergo the judicial process. Cazanciuc was asked by journalists if the European Commission could be notified on the fact that Hungary was giving shelter to a fugitive MP, according to ziare.com.

‘I wouldn’t like to comment on a particular case, every member is obliged to comply with the European procedure. No EU member state will afford not to comply with the procedure. No one can definitely get away with this and there are plenty of cases of fugitives to EU countries who, sooner or later, were brought back to Romania to serve their sentences. It is a matter of time before he is brought back to Romania to undergo the judicial process’, the minister of justice said.

Last week, the Chamber of Deputies postponed discussing the report on the prosecutors’ request to be authorised to remand in custody UDMR MP Marko Attila until his resignation as a member of Parliament was received in original rather than photocopy.

On Tuesday, however, the resignation of MP Marko Attila Gabor arrived to the Chamber of Deputies in hard copy and was analysed by the Standing Bureau of the Chamber, and on Wednesday the MPs took note to the termination of Marko Attila’s term as a member of Parliament.

In March, DNA asked to be allowed to detain and arrest Marko Attila Gabor,  charged with three criminal offences of abuse of office in the ANRP case where he  been referred to court together with ex-ANI head Horia Georgescu and PNL MP Theodor Nicolescu, for approving inflated damages for properties while serving at ANRP.

The Chamber of Deputies will inform the Ministry of Justice on the fact that Marko Attila is no longer a member of Parliament and the draft decision declaring his seat vacant will be voted on during the final voting sitting.

Marko Attila left the country at the end of last year.


Lawyer Eugen Iordachescu: ‘He established his residence in Hungary’


Marko Attila’s lawyer, Eugen Iordachescu, said that, as far as he was aware, his client had established his residence in Hungary and his refusal to return to Romania was ‘a kind of refusing a jurisdiction he doesn’t believe is equidistant’.

‘As far as I know, Mr. Marko Attila is currently in Hungary. I don’t know if he will return or not. I have said this several time: it is the choice of any U citizen to establish domicile, residence, where he/she believes will have a better life. At this moment, Mr. Marko Attila appreciates he cannot stay in this country and therefore established his residence in Hungary, as far as I am aware’, lawyer Eugen Iordachescu said on Tuesday.

The lawyer also pointed out that Marko Attila’s arrest had not been asked for by anyone in the court of jurisdiction and that the Parliament no longer needed to approve the arrest which could be ordered by the High Court if the legal conditions were met. The lawyer also said that his refusal to return to Romania was ‘a kind of refusing a jurisdiction he doesn’t believe is equidistant’.



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