Over 2,200 troops from the US, UK, Romania and R. of Moldova participate in Wind Spring 2015 multinational drill

Over 2,200 servicemen of the armies of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Moldova, Romania and the United States of America will participate from Thursday to April 30 in the Wind Spring 2015 multinational exercise, that is taking place in the Smardan range of Galati County, but also at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Aerial Administrative Center of Constanta County.

According to a press release of the Press Bureau of the Ministry of National Defence quoted by Agerpres, the exercise has as a purpose the joint training, in a unitary manner, of the servicemen of NATO or partner states, for the maintaining of operational capacity of structures and fulfilling the specific interoperability and standardization demands of NATO and the EU.

The exercise will see the participation of servicemen and equipment from units of mechanized infantry, armour, anti-air artillery, logistic support, mountain huntsmen sub-units, as well as IAR-330 SOCAT helicopters and IAR-99 Hawk aircraft of the Romanian Air Force, and elements specializing in radio-electronic warfare and civilian-military liaison.

During the Wind Spring 2015 multinational exercise several activities are planned, such as command exercises, combat training, and solving of complex tactical situations. The preparation of the activities also involved the billeting in the training facilities in Romania of the allied and partner detachments, action that started in mid-March.

The exercise is part of the series of joint training activities that are taking place within the country, as well as outside the national territory, during the Atlantic Resolve operation, in order to demonstrate the reassurance measures adopted within the North Atlantic Council regarding the ensurance of regional stability and security, especially in the current security climate of the eastern flank of NATO.

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