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Marko Attila says he was unjustly convicted in Romania and wants to start all over in Hungary

Former UDMR Deputy Marko Attila says in an interview for a Hungarian radio station that he does not want to return to Romania and that he intends to start a new life in Hungary. He appreciated that he was unjustly convicted in Romania, where justice is an “instrument for blocking retrocessions”.

In an interview for the Hungarian radio station Kossuth, Marko Attila says that the Romanian justice system and that the prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) are an instrument used to block the process of retrocession of abusively seized goods and to nationalize once again the seized goods.

Marko Attila claims that he was unjustly convicted in Romania, although he had applied a decision reached by the Government.

He mentioned that he did not want to return to Bucharest, as DNA sued him in another file, and that he wanted to start a new life in Budapest.

“I do not doubt it for as much as one second that the battle against corruption must start in Romania. All corrupt people should be convicted”,he pointed out.

Asked what he would do if an European or international warrant is issued on his name, Marko answered that the Hungarian state transmitted him on various occasions and in various ways that they would not abandon him, as “the Hungarian Government also thinks that there is no crime in this case, but the “discrediting of a Hungarian citizen.”

Eugen Iordachescu, Marko Attila’s lawyer, had declared on Tuesday that, as far as he knew, the Deputy had established his residence in Hungary and that Marko’s refusal to come back to Romania is “one way of refusing a jurisdiction he does not consider impartial”.

The Chamber of Deputies was notified on Wednesday about the ceasing of  Marko Attila’s term as a Deputy, for whom DNA demanded approval of preventive arrest, as he had sent his resignation in the original to rgw Government. Marko Attila’s term as UDMR Deputy ended on April 1 and, therefore, the report issued by the Legal Committee on the approval of Marko’s retaining and preventive arrest will not be discussed by the Chamber plenum.

Last week, the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved the request of preventive arrest against the UDMR Deputy. This was the second such request in his case, as the first was approved on December 3, 2014.

Marko Attila was sent to Court by DNA on April 9, besides former Head of ANI Horia Georgescu and Deputy Theodor Nicolescu, as all three of them were accused of having approved compensation payments for real estate property overrated by the National Authority for Assets’ Recovery (ANRP).

UDMR Deputy Marko Attila left to Hungary in December 2014, after his colleagues voted for preventive arrest in the ANRP file. Although he did not return to the country any more, Marko Attila benefited of all rights of a member of a Parliament, such as funds for accommodation in Bucharest and funds for the expenses of his office as a Member of the Parliament.

Prosecutors suspect that, in 2008, Marko Attila Gabor, as well as the other three members of the Central Committee for Establishing Compensations, issued compensation titles in the cases of three files, based on evaluation reports that failed to follow International Evaluation Standards regarding the estimation of real estate market value, overrating the respective property by a total sum of approximately EUR 75 million and causing a prejudice of this value to the state budget, simultaneously with gaining undeserved compensation by owners and assignees of compensation rights.

Deputy Marko Attila ceased to benefit of Parliamentary immunity starting on December 3, 2014, when his colleagues approved his preventive arrest in the corruption file of former Head Prosecutor of DIICOT Alina Bica, regarding compensations by ANRP for an overrated property.

In the meantime, the file was sent to Court, yet, prosecutors were forced to separate Marko Attila’s case from Alina Bica’s case, as he was not in the country and could not be questioned.

In November 2014, UDMR Deputy Marko Attila was definitively sentenced to three years of suspended prison for abuse of office in another file regarding the retrocession of real estate property.


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