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August 14, 2022

MedLife inaugurates DentaLife, first dental clinic in its portfolio

MedLife, the leader of the private medical services market in Romania, has inaugurated a new business line with the opening, in Bucharest, of its first dental clinic. The DentaLife Clinic offers to Romanian patients integrated multidisciplinary medical services in the same location. Thus, the existence of an integrated medical system makes possible the interdisciplinary collaboration between dental medicine, orthodontic, mandible and facial surgery, ENT and neurology specialists, the performing of clinical laboratory investigations, as well as the possibility of performing certain surgical maneuvers – all in the same location.

Apart from traditional dental services, the DentaLife clinic will be able to address benign tumors and small-sized cervical-facial cysts, ailments of the mandible sinus generated by dental causes, ailments of the mandible joint, trigeminal neuralgia. For ailments whose treatment requires general anesthesia, such as head and face traumas and the surgical management of lip, tongue, mandible bone and salivary gland cancers, patients will be able to opt for the Life Memorial Hospital or the Pediatric Hospital, both members of the MedLife System.

“For us DentaLife represents more than just a new line of business, it is the clinic in which we will offer, to adults and children alike, complete services from the dental medicine sphere, starting from general consultations to clinical investigations, dental radiology and surgical interventions. We are, probably, the first operator that will offer integrated medical solutions for a wide range of dental problems irrespective of their degree of complexity, in the same location. The new clinic will serve both physical persons as well as subscribers that will have special packages at their disposal. Likewise, on the medium and long-term we also have in view international patients that will be able to access our services through the MedLife International division,” MedLife Board President Mihai Marcu stated.

MedLife has been active in Romania since 1996, being the largest private operator of medical services on the local market.



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