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June 28, 2022

PNL co-chair Blaga proposes 10-year partnership with ethnic Hungarian party

National Liberal Party (PNL)  Co-Chair Vasile Blaga proposed a 10-year partnership to the Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) on Friday, in the opening of the ethnic Hungarian party’s congress in Cluj-Napoca.

“My message to you, my dear colleagues of the UDMR, is let us work together, the new PNL and the UDMR, to reach this goal Romania faces for the next decade – reaching a living and development level that would place Romania at the European Union average. I have heard many saying Romania no longer has a major goal to concentrate its energies, but the project I stated is obvious, logic and urgent; because for reaching it I propose you to work together, whether both in the Opposition now or coming to govern at some point. Thus, I propose you to lay the foundations of a long-term partnership, on at least 10 years. We have some shared assets, we have the experience of excellent collaboration both in the opposition and governing,” Blaga told the UDMR Congress.

He asserted that the UDMR was the true representative of the interests of ethnic Hungarians and praised its contribution over its 25 years of existence.

“I wish to congratulate all those who assumed over these years the Union’s leadership, especially two people – Marko Bela and Kelemen Hunor , with which I had an excellent collaboration. I think, on the scale of Romanian democracy history, the 25 years with the UDMR mean a lot. Throughout these years, the UDMR had a major contribution to raising the awareness of human and minorities’ rights, to the professionalization of the Romanian politics and administration. The UDMR always offered the model of competence and seriousness. (…) Unfortunately, not many politicians excel here; but for the UDMR, the word given on a political deal is sacred, there’s no place for treason,” Blaga stressed quoted by Agerpres.

According to him, the past 25 years could be the end of a historical cycle and the beginning of a new one, with Romania having the opportunity to return among the Western democracies alongside its EU and NATO partners.


PNL’s Gorghiu: I believe in fruitful near-future cooperation with UDMR


Co-chair of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Alina Gorghiu told UDMR Congress that in the near future there will be fruitful cooperation between PNL and UDMR.

“Many political leaders have come before this tribune to deliver messages to you for their voters. I have come before you today in order to convey a message to your electorate, and my message is of deep gratitude for their votes for PNL’s candidate Klaus Iohannis in the [presidential runoff] in November 2014. I thank you all; it was a gesture that as a member of the European People’s Party (EPP), as an essentially Right-leaning party like you, we appreciated as highly natural, as one able to generate more than dialogue. I believe it can generate cooperation that in the near future we will see will be very fruitful,” said Gorghiu to a loud round of applause.

She also mentioned the need for a change in the political class as well as the risk of parties emerging that are noxious to democracy.

“Romania’s citizens, be them of Romanian, Hungarian or other ethnic background, surely expect a different way of doing politics. They expect it from us, from UDMR, from the PSD [Social Democratic Party], from absolutely everyone doing politics and I believe we have to meet their expectations. (…) I believe that both PNL and UDMR have the power to change themselves and change Romanian politics particularly. Yet, if the political parties fail to understand and ignore the wish for change of the society, although that may sound tough, their failure will be more than just an electoral one. If the Romanian politics just mimics change or fail in its attempt to become better performing, there will be a risk of parties emerging that will be very noxious to democracy,” said Gorghiu.


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