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May 26, 2022

Ponta’s message to UDMR’s Congress: In 2013 I asked you to come at rule, in 2015 I will ask nothing

Prime Minister Victor Ponta (photo L)  on Friday addressed  a message to the members of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) gathered at the Union’s Congress that, unlike other years, in 2015 he will no longer propose them to come at rule, as he is convinced that as legitimate representatives of the Hungarian community they will decide on their own on this matter.

“In 2011, in Oradea (…), I attended the Congress, I asked you to exit governance, to come join us. You did not take our advice. In 2013, in Miercurea Ciuc I asked you: come at rule. You took it [the advice] for a while, but then you left. Therefore, in 2015 I have learnt my lesson and I will not ask you anything, as I know you will do what you believe is best. You have the legitimate right to do this because, I have always said it both when we were allies and when we were opponents, UDMR is the only legitimate representative of the Hungarian community of Romania. (…) It is essential for the democracy in Romania that such a powerful, such a numerous community as the Hungarian minority, be represented in all the political structures of a democratic state,” the Prime Minister maintained  in front of the audience gathered at the UDMR Congress.

Ponta thanked the Union’s ministers who were part of the governments he headed and pointed out he would have also wanted Rozalia Biro as minister, proposed last year for Culture Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, but rejected by the president at that time, Traian Basescu.

“I am convinced that she would have been an outstandingly good minister and she must become a minister at some point, Mrs Rozalia Biro, whom I proposed with all my conviction for the ministerial office, and I hope that at some point she will be in a government with us, with the colleagues from the National Liberal Party, this is a thing you will decide at the right time,” Ponta pointed out.

According to Agerpres, the Prime Minister also said he wants UDMR to keep its most important asset – the availability for dialogue, bringing to mind that everything that has been obtained for the Hungarian community was made possible through this means.


Governmental collaboration with ethnic Hungarian party “not actual”


Prime Minister Victor Ponta declared a collaboration with the Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) was not a current issue; upon leaving the UDMR Congress in Cluj-Napoca, he said the ethnic Hungarian party was entitled to any decision on its involvement in governing.

“This is not an actual issue, especially as I was not the one to ask the UDMR to leave the government. It was a political decision I understood, I respect and any further decision on a governmental involvement is strictly UDMR’s right; from my point of view, however, there’s no hard feeling about it. There are policies and policies, you see, it gets us many surprises. Mr. Daniel Constantin reminded a thing I had forgot: in December 2012, I have insisted very much to have UDMR in the government, and the National Liberal Party was against it. You see, two years have passed and things have changed,” Ponta answered a question on the collaboration with the UDMR.

He added that the most important things were the dialogue and the respect for the minorities’ rights.

“It’s a normal thing, as long as we maintain a dialogue and we observe the democratic rules. And irrespective of who is ruling or governing, the rights earned for the minorities must be observed, and this is the most important thing,” the prime minister insisted.





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