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September 30, 2022

Ponta, Dragnea attack Court of Auditors

Prime minister Victor Ponta said on Friday in Beclean, the county of Bistrita-Nasaud, that ‘the militia-like body he referred to in a statement the past days is the Court of Accounts’.


PM Ponta: Some inspectors with Court of Auditors think as before 1989


“We are very busy. Spring has come, we do have the money for investments. Unfortunately, there is a body that won’t let us (work), a body of which I too said something, about the militia-men. Now, to be very clear what I was referring to, I was talking of some inspectors with the Court of Auditors who think exactly as before 1989 and who – we give the money for investments, they say do not invest anything,” said the Prime minister.

Victor Ponta hopes the issues raised by the Court of Auditors would be cleared and the projects begun for communities to be continued and finalised.


Checks by Court of Auditors have led to delays in Regional Development programmes, says minister Dragnea


The Regional Development and Public Administration minister, Liviu Dragnea also said on Friday said at Beclean, the Bistrita-Nasaud County on the occasion of a teaching swimming pool’s inauguration that the programmes unfurled by the ministry he heads were being delayed in the past months due to the ‘many and frequent’ checks by the Court of Auditors.

‘Unfortunately, the other projects do not have the same implementation pace because there are certain control bodies which feel the need to check very often and very much. It is good to be checked upon, because it is good that things are done well, it is only that there are some delays,’ said Dragnea.

Liviu Dragnea added that the staff of the ministry was busier with the checks by the Court of Auditors than with the projects in the counties, a reason why delays in sending money to the local administrations occurred.

‘The programmes unfurled by the Development Ministry were not blocked, but the staff in the past three-four months was very busy with the Court of Auditors and could not use the full time to draft the documentation, to get the Okays, to restart the financing. Refinancing was restarted, yet not in the pace I would have wished. We are already in April, our hope was that at end-February the money were to be sent to the counties, for all the programmes. But, now things are back on track,’ the Regional Development minister said.


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