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January 23, 2022

Special pensions for MPs project sparks scandal on political stage

The draft law on special pensions for MPs submitted to Parliament on Wednesday, which provides for an increase of MPs’ pensions according to how many terms they served, was signed by 255 deputies and senators. Most of the MPs who signed the document are Social-Democrats, but there are also a few dozens from the opposition.

According to the draft law, the deputies and senators will be able to apply, after their term and when they fulfil the legal age requirement, for a monthly indemnity for the activity as an MP. Only those who are no longer members of Parliament will benefit from the sum.

If the draft law is adopted, a member of Parliament will receive approximately RON 1,200 extra to his/her regular retirement benefit for one term served in Parliament, approximately RON 2,400 for two terms and approximately 3,600 for three terms.


PSD MP Petre Daea: ‘We took inspiration from the European Parliament law’


On Tuesday, PSD MP Petre Daea, one of the sponsors of the bill, explained that the legislative proposal had been inspired by the law regulating the European Parliament.

‘The calculation formula came from the EU experience, which means 0.5% of the monthly pay of a deputy or senator. For example, this pay for a term is approximately RON 1,500. For three terms it is about RON 4,000, that’s the maximum amount’, Daea said t the Palace of Parliament, according to Agerpres. He explained that the minim threshold was 6 months and that, if a person served in Parliament for less than 6 months, he/she would not benefit from the indemnity.

‘We took our inspiration from the law of the European Parliament. We need to put in agreement all things. The indemnity of an MP does not carry a bonus for the length of employment, and this is why the retirement benefit is not affected by this calculation method. In other words, if you get RON 5,000 as an MP with a length of employment of 25-30 years, benefits from a bonus for the length of employment. In this case they do not benefit from such thing. This is why the pension calculation presented those sums deformed by the percentage influenced by the bonus given for the length of employment’, Daea also noted.

In fact, the initiators of the bill attached a summary that shows the pay of EU MPs and an appendix showing the statistical situation of the beneficiaries of special laws at the end of August 2010, when they were abrogated.


Alina Gorghiu: ‘A similar bill was rejected last year’


PNL Co-president Alina Gorghiu said, on Wednesday, that a similar bill on special pensions for MPs had been rejected last year and PM Victor Ponta and Labour Minister Rovana Plumb had said they were not supporting it.

‘A similar bill was rejected last year. I remember that Victor Ponta was shouting from rooftops that PSD was not supporting that draft. I understand that PSD supports it today. After a meeting of the Labour Committee, Rovana Plumb came out and insisted on how uninspired and condemnable that draft law reintroducing special pensions for MPs was. I’m not clear if it’s still the same double language used by PSD, I’m not sure if such a bill will be tabled. However, if it is, PNL’s political choice is not to support it’, Gorghiu said.

‘All I can tell you is that, during our leadership meeting today, we agreed that the bill would not be endorsed by the political leaders of PNL. On the other hand, w know very well that pensions and indemnities in Romania are not at the level many would like to see, but it is also a matter of prioritising, what we do with the money in the budget of Romania. My priority would have been different to this PSD bill. Romanians want at least the doubling of child allowances from 42 to 84 lei, if not to 200 lei’, A. Gorghiu also said.


Mircea Ionescu Quintus: ‘Liberals should choose between PNL and the shameless pension’


PNL Honorary President Mircea Ionescu Quintus said on Wednesday that he did not a special pension under the bill reintroducing them for senators and deputies.

‘I have served there full terms in Parliament. After I have contributed to the pension fund all this time, I have a pension of 1,441 lei. I refuse this kind of pension! At the proposal of our president, Mrs. Gorghiu, we have decided today not to support such a shameless initiative of some MPs in any way. I almost feel embarrassed for being next to them for so long! Not next to these’, Mircea Ionescu Quintus said on Realitatea TV.

The PNL honorary president noted he was a war veteran and that he cashed very little money for that. On the other hand, he said he didn’t find it normal to get more from Parliament where his life had never been on the line.

‘As long as I, a war veteran with the rank of general gained in the battlefield receive 340 lei for that, it would be outrageous to get 4 or 5 million from a Parliament where my life was never on the line’, he added.

Mircea Ionescu Quintus noted that such an initiative shamed him and that he was totally against it. ‘It ashamed me, it is outrageous! During our meeting today (Wednesday – editor’s note) many Liberal MPs attended and all those who spoke clearly said that they did not back such an initiative. It is not PNL’s shame and we need to wash our face if it is stained. PNL shall never associate itself with such initiatives’, the PNL honorary president said.

Mircea Ionescu Quintus also commented on the fact that PSD had announced that some Liberal politicians had signed for the proposal.

‘It will be checked and, when we know for sure which of our MPs signed for such an initiative we will talk to them and they will have to choose between PNL and a shameless pension’, he also said.


Iohannis: The idea of special pensions for the men of culture would be exceptional


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday said that an exceptional thing would be if in the Parliament is promoted the idea of giving special pensions to the men of culture.

The head of state was asked about the fact that in the Parliament has occurred a draft law regarding the special pensions for the MPs, an initiative which was signed by several liberals, too.

“For instance, exceptional would be if in the Parliament would appear the idea to be given special pensions to the men of culture,” said Iohannis.





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