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June 28, 2022

UDMR holds its 12th Congress: Kelemen says ‘trying to find a more credible way of doing politics is at stake’

National leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) Kelemen Hunor said Friday, ahead of a convention of the Union’s Congress, that there is a certain fatigue visible in building the democratic organisations for the rule of law, and that politics should be reset. The UDMR Congress is held on Friday and Saturday in Cluj-Napoca in the presence of numerous political leaders from Romania and abroad and has on its agenda the election of a new chairman of the Union.

“This is an important Congress because it is happening at a very delicate moment in the entire Romanian society, fraught with tension and conflict, fraught with searches and toils, and that is why we have called this a convention for resetting. Everybody asks us what is at stake at the convention – there will be an election to choose the national leader, but what is really at stake is trying to find a more credible way of doing politics that would be closer to the people and more sincere, because what is visible right now is a certain fatigue in the building of the democratic organisations for the rule of law. We believe that what is at stake in the Romanian society, even after 25 years, is being an open, democratic society where organisations operate in a balanced manner and in favour of everyone, of the society overall,” said Kelemen quoted by Agerpres.

He added that UDMR resetting politics does not mean resetting the aims of the union.

“To us, resetting means first of all a change in attitude, not values, principles or aims. Those values and ideals that were written down in our programme back in 1993 are still valid, 20 year later,” added Kelemen.


‘Future of ethnic Hungarian community depending on education in mother language’


Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) Chairman Hunor Kelemen says the future of the ethnic Hungarian community depends on the quality of the education in mother language; this is the scope of UDMR’s most important goals, he declared at his party’s congress on Friday.

“We have founded and built schools to offer every child of Hungarian ethnicity the possibility of learning in their mother language. Nevertheless, today we find that – for demographic reasons – we cannot support every school and class, and only one Hungarian language school is ranked among the country’s top 100. (…) Today, teaching in mother language is no longer sufficient; the goal is to ensure a quality education and the transmission of knowledge that guarantees the competitiveness of the graduates. This was one of the reasons for which we proposed to all the parliamentary parties an agreement, which should be a long-term basis for the educational policy. I am convinced the future of our community depends on the quality of education in Hungarian language. Thus, the most important goal followed by the UDMR is to ensure knowledge that guarantee the competitiveness of young Hungarians, so that parents do not hesitate to enlist their children in Hungarian language schools,” Kelemen said in his report to the Congress.

He added that the UDMR should also approach the youth born about the Romanian revolution of 1989.

“Without UDMR’s modernization programme heading “We Build Transylvania”, the localities populated by Hungarians could not have developed. Nevertheless, the number of people who think we’re not doing enough for solving the economic problems, for fighting the unemployment and for increasing the living standards is increasing by the day. We have continually renewed our organization; we have co-opted determined and successful youth. Many people think, however, that the shift of generations did not happen; we find that we failed to address those young people who were born about the Revolution year and who grew up in today’s Romania. It is our duty to address these young people, who fortunately did not know the Communist dictatorship, and who take the conquests of democracy for granted. We have to convince them by offering attractive perspectives,” the UDMR leader declared.


President Klaus Iohannis is calling on the entire Romanian political class to get professional


In a message on Friday to the ongoing convention of the Congress of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) in Cluj-Napoca, President Klaus Iohannis is calling on the entire Romanian political class to get professional.

“My message is to the entire political class. Our recent history proves that every time society was divided along various lines and any time is was disunited, it stagnated. There are of course overdue issues, problems that Romanians, ethnic Hungarians, citizens of our country are facing, irrespective of ethnic background. They are incumbent on the entire political class, no exceptions. That is why I am always mentioning the fundamental need for a way of doing politics differently. The Romanian citizens, irrespective of their ethnic background, expect professionalism and good governance from the political class,” Iohannis says in his message delivered by his adviser Laurentiu Mihai Stefan.

The message also mentions the fact that Romania needs the contribution of the leaders of the Hungarian community.

“My message is the same to all the leaders of the parties and formations making up our political class. Democratic values and integrity should be the bedrock of political action. The capacity of mobilising the society, of getting entire communities involved in wide projects that benefit us all is closely linked to the quality of political leaders and promoted political models. The Romanian society and government need the contribution of the leaders of the Hungarian community to this process of change that we are currently living, as well as for long-term projects” said Iohannis.

He adds that UDMR has so far had an important contribution to the democratic consolidation of Romania as well.

“UDMR has brought an important contribution in this quarter of a century to the democratic consolidation of Romania. UDMR understood that through cooperation and dialogue important steps can be taken toward the stability of the political system, and democratic principles as well as values can be promoted,” reads the message.




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