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January 27, 2023

Basescu attacks Justice again: Following Iohannis’ installation, people appointed by me want to make themselves useful to in-coming power

Ex-President Traian Basescu made a new attack on Justice Friday night. He criticised again the chief of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ), Livia Stanciu, reminding that she had mentioned the smooth cooperation between the High Court and the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors.

Many who know more or less about what has happened these last ten years usually talk about my term. I do not repudiate people, I repudiate attitudes. I will never accept the idea of a ICCJ president going to the DNA work report meeting to say they were on the same side of the barricade in the war on corruption’, Traian Basescu said on Realitatea TV.

The TV host as well as the guests on the show reminded him that Livia Stanciu had actually said those things during a DNA meeting in 2014. The ex-president insisted: ‘No, she has said that this year! She has made that statement in 2015’.

‘I do not repudiate people, I repudiate attitudes. I will never accept the idea of a High Court president going to the DNA meeting to say that they were on the same side of the barricade in the war against corruption. The judge is on no side of the barricade anywhere in the civilised world, except perhaps Africa. The judge is a God who is on the side of no one’s barricade’, Basescu said on Realitatea TV.

He pointed out that he had contributed to creating a powerful, yet far from perfect justice system, with still a lot of things to do in that department.

I am not going to claim that I appointed prosecutors who say <We can arrest 1,000 people of need be’>. The prosecutor does not arrest people. I say yes, I did contribute to building a powerful, yet far from perfect justice system at this stage. However, during my term in office, I never heard a prosecutor say <We can arrest 1,000 people of need be>. No! You distort the institution. There are times when I feel that, after Iohannis’ installation, there is a show where people I appointed are trying to make themselves useful also to the in-coming power, and that’s something that annoys me!’ Basescu continued.

After warning him about his rhetoric being very similar to the one of the TV channel founded by Dan Voiculescu, Iulian Leca, a guest on a show, revisited the subject: ‘Mr. President, I have checked and Livia Stanciu made those statements at the beginning of 2014’.

‘It is not fair that you should say such thing! She has said that in 2015’, Traian Basescu insisted.

It is not the first time that the former head of state attacks the High Court president. The President of the Superior Council of Magistrates (CSM), Livia Stanciu, has actually complained to the Judicial Inspection over the statements made by ex-President Traian Basescu during two B1 TV programmes at the beginning of the month as well as a message posted on Facebook by Elena Udrea.

On the first half an hour into the show, the former president and the TV host, Octavian Hoandra, had a harsh exchange of retorts. The moderator said to the ex-president that he had always ‘detested’ him however without hating him, and Basescu said, in his turn, that he had a very bed opinion on him and his character. At some point, the host said Nicolae Ceausescu had been a better president than Traian Basescu and the ex-president’s reply was: ‘That’s quite possible, but do not say that with evilness (…) One has to be… well, I’m not going to affix any labels, but for one to say that Ceausescu was good…’


Basescu on the short line with DNA and SRI. What the president was asking prosecutors to do


Traian Basescu admitted during the Realitatea TV show to the fact that he would intervene with the prosecutors while in office.

More exactly, he admitted to often phoning both the chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and the heads of the National Anticorruption Department (DNA) Daniel Morar and, afterwards, Laura Codruta Kovesi.

He wanted to give them advice – the ex-president says – because e disapproved of DNA mentioning the SRI support in its press statements.

That’s because – Basescu explained – Romanians would have understood that the entire power of arresting someone was in the hands of the intelligence services.

This new statement is very similar to one Elena Udrea had made before her arrest: who holds the handcuffs holds power in Romania, the ex-president’s protégée was saying at the beginning of the year.


Cozmin Gusa: Traian Băsescu acts like a retired diva, turns to cheap tricks


Political commentator Cozmin Gusa has commented on Traian Basescu’s interview on Realitatea TV Friday night.

‘The evolution shows Traian Basescu as a person who is not aging nicely. From what Traian Basescu presented, I understood two clear things: 1. In his public appearances, Traian Basescu is adopting a strategy – which is a actually a trick – to not discuss his terms in office, to make a row, to make disclosures which are not disclosures, and all these – formal or not – things only prevent an analysis of his terms. That’s because there is just one truth: Mr. Basescu admits to himself to the fact that his terms were a big failure. 2. By turning to all these offences, he is just hiding the truth. When he called Octavian Hoandra a poor journalist, he forgot that Octavian Hoandra was a remarkable writer who had written more books that Mr. Basescu had ever read. Then, in order to insult me, knowing that I am a physicist and not a bad one, since the beginning of our conversation, trying to aggravate me without success, he insisted that I wasn’t good at mathematics and that I had logical flaws. With these gestures of a retired diva, he cannot be credible. And he also wants another thing. Mr. Basescu is very attentive to a special category – the people who can blackmail him. He speaks with care, he does not make the nose gesture, but he transmits to them the message that they play on a certain team. Based on his Friday performance, I can tell you he was a talented politician, but these truths he expresses no longer matter in this embarrassing performance. Mr. Basescu is a cornered man, some of his derailments are being excused, I didn’t want to answer at the level of what he said to me. In conclusion, Mr. Basescu disappointed. It doesn’t matter that he disappointed me, although I did have a contribution to his coming to power ten years ago. On Friday, Mr. Basescu did Mr. Klaus Iohannis a big service, as Romanians could compare him with a president who may not be very active, but who does not insult people’, Cozmin Gusa said on Realitatea TV.




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