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October 24, 2021

Udrea apologizes from jail: I apologize for having believed in Justice done with the involvement of SRI

Elena Udrea posted an apologetic message on her Facebook page, in a gesture of massive irony dedicated to the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), begging for forgiveness for the huge error of having believed in Justice done with the involvement of SRI but also because, for many years, she had defended the system and she did not understand that “any collateral victim accepted means murdering democracy”. Udrea also apologizes to those whom she had ignored the right of being considered innocent until a Court reaches a decision.

“I apologize for the huge error of having believed in Justice done with the involvement of SRI.

I apologize for having defended the system for many years and fir having failed to understand that any collateral victim accepted means the murdering of democracy. I apologize to all of those whom I had ignored the right of being considered innocent until a Court issued a verdict as well as to all of those pronounced guilty, whom I denied the right to question the independence of justice before allowing them to show us their arguments”, the message published on the Facebook page of the former Regional Development and Tourism Minister says.

Elena Udrea had demanded the Court to cease the measure of preventive arrest, pointing out that there was no use that she would be kept behind bars just for the sake of public opinion, which did not represent a substitute of proof in the file, Udrea’s lawyer Marius Striblea declared after the meeting at the High Court of Cassation and Justice, as reported by Mediafax.

The High Court tried on Thursday, April 16, the appeal filed by former Minister Elena Udrea, after a judge of rights and freedoms at the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) overruled on April 10 her request to replace the measure of preventive arrest with house arrest or release on probation in the “Gala Bute” file that includes charges of bribe taking, abuse of office and money laundering against her.

Lawyer Marius Striblea declared, while exiting the courtroom, that in her final speech, Udrea had showed the Court that she should be released at this time, mentioning that it was outrageous that she was being kept under preventive arrest just because the public opinion expected it.

Asked whether there was new proof found by the National Anti-Corruption Directorate prosecutors (DNA), respectively a report issued by the Control Body of the Prime Minister, representing one of the reasons while the Court extended the preventive arrest measure against Elena Udrea by 30 more days on March 23, the lawyer declared that the respective document was merely mentioned by prosecutors and, therefore, the exhibit itself was not taken into account for trying the cause. The lawyer mentioned that the respective document was submitted in the file in the time that passed since prosecutors made the proposal to extend the measure and the appeal to the decision of extending preventive arrest in the case of the former  Regional Development and Tourism Minister.

The High Court is to decide whether Elena Udrea was to stay under preventive arrest or whether she would be investigated under house arrest or release on probation in the “Gala Bute” file.

On March 23, the High Court extended by 30 more days the preventive arrest warrant against Elena Udrea. DNA prosecutors showed at that time, in front of the Court, that the proof in the file lead to the conclusion that Elena Udrea’s deprivation of freedom, as well as the arrest of other defendants in the file, was required in order to prevent a state of danger instilled by public opinion.





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