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October 27, 2021

Basescu and Realitatea TV at total war: Friday show was a trap

Ex-President Traian Basescu says the show on Realitatea TV Friday night was ‘a trap’ set to him and that Rares Bogdan, ‘the new Gidea + SRS combined’, when he got home ate all the lemons he could find in his fridge.

In a message posted on Facebook on Sunday, Traian Basescu called Rares Bogdan, Octavian Hoandra and Cozmin Gusa ‘Muppets’.

‘On Friday, from 21:00 to 23:00, I participated in a TV show hosted by Mr. Hoandra from Realitatea TV’.

The day before, he had texted me to inform me that the theme of the show would be my terms in office at Cotroceni and that Mr. Ion M. Ionita, Costi Rogozanu and Prof. Cosea would also attend. I thought it was all right, 3 to 1, given the information edge a fresh ex-president has and in the trust that Hoandra would remain a moderator.

I arrived to the station 6 minutes before 21:00. Mr. Hoandra greeted me. As we were walking to the set, I asked him if he and the other guests were literate enough to be able to do a two-hour show on a president’s 10 years in office. Hoandra assured me that it was going to be a tough show as they were ready and also suggested that Mr. Rares Bogdan might also join us later and guru Gusa might also call into the show at some point. That didn’t sound very well to me. However, he was not asking for my consent, I was just being informed.

I reached the set four minutes before the beginning of the programme. The set was empty. That’s absolutely rude when you invite an ex-president. Guests are usually on set or you are taken to the room where the rest are. A minute before 21:00 Mr. Cosea walked in and a few seconds before the start of the show Mr. Rogozanu, Mr. Leca and Mr. Poenaru stormed in. Based on how they entered the set, the change of the list of guests and what Hoandra had told me upon my arrival, I realised that the show was a trap and I treated it as such.

After the show, Hoandra and Rares Bogdan were toadying to me, as hosts, of course, trying to tell me that they were good guys and that they had nothing personally against me. Rares Bogdan, the new Gidea + SRS combined, of Romanian media, was really embarrassing. When I got home, I asked my wife to give me all the lemons she had in the fridge and I ate them all without adding any sugar because of that character, wondering why Mr. Leca had also got so low, claiming that Mrs. Stanciu said those things first in 2013, then in 2014, when, in reality, she said that on 24 February 2015.

I’m not going to recount you more, because you could see the rest on the screen and, most certainly, each was left with their own impression.

I regret that, apart from that unprofessional triplet – Mr. Gusa, Mr. Rares Bogdan and Mr. Hoandra – the station benefits from the services of a few exceptional lady journalists, but the three Muppets can also compromise themselves, together with the station.

I wanted to speak about the realities and happenings of my ten years of office. The show organisers missed out on the opportunity to give Romanians a chance to receive from me information on decisions and decision-making mechanisms, things that were never told by a president who served for ten years without interruption.

I am sorry for missing that opportunity. Maybe I will have new ones’, Traian Basescu states on his social media webpage.

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