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June 22, 2021

Valcov to find out on Monday whether he is released from arrest

On Monday, Darius Valcov will find out whether he would be released from preventive arrest. The two magistrates of the High Court who started analyzing on Friday the appeal submitted by the former Minister against the decision to overrule his request of replacing preventive arrest did not agree on a decision. One of the judges wanted to support Valcov’s appeal and the other was against it.

The former Minister of Finances will appear on Monday in front of a divergence panel, as the two judges did not reach an agreement.

Thus, the panel will by joined by the third judge, so that the decision would be reached by a majority.

On April 2, Darius Valcov was placed under preventive arrest for 23 days, in the file he was investigated for influence peddling.

According to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), during 2009, Theodor Berna, the manager of the company Tehnologica Radion, contacted Darius Valcov, Mayor of the Municipality of Slatina and proposed, in return for Valcov providing him support in influencing decision factors in order to win auctions for works on  objectives located in Slatina, the cities Scornicesti, Piatra Olt and Draganesti, to pay him 20 per cent of the sums funded (no VAT added).

In return for these contracts, Darius Valcov was to be paid about EUR 2 million, directly or by intermediates.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice overruled on Tuesday the second request filed by DNA to issue a new preventive arrest warrant for 30 days on the name of Darius Valcov, former Finance Minister, accused of activities incompatible with his positions as Mayor, Senator and member of the Government, held in the last few years. The decision is not definitive and may be appealed by DNA prosecutors.




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