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June 25, 2022

County council chairmen to be elected through indirect vote from among council members

The local elections law has been adopted by the Senate with 114 votes in favour and 3 votes against. According to the new law, mayors will be elected in a single round of elections, while county council chairmen will be elected from among county council members.

The new local elections law passed through the first Chamber notified, being adopted by the Senate with a large majority.

The draft law was initiated by the special Electoral Code Commission and entails, among others, the fact that mayors will be elected in a single round of elections, while County Council chairmen will be elected through indirect vote, from among county council members.

Moreover, another important change brought to the new local elections law is the fact that the head of the county council can be revoked by county council members with two thirds of the votes.

In order to be applied in the next local elections, scheduled in June 2016, the new local public administration law should be adopted by Parliament and promulgated by the President by May-June 2015 in order to respect the Constitutional Court decision that stipulates that any law that concerns elections should be modified at least one year before the elections.

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