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May 17, 2021

Elections in Kazakhstan: President Nursultan Nazarbayev at the congress of the ruling party “Nur Otan”, announced his participation in the presidential race

The “first person” candidacy, as a candidate for the presidency has put forward a well-known Kazakh scientist, academician Kenzhegali SAGADIEV.

– Nazarbayev is the only worthy candidate, – the academician said on behalf of the Party, speaking at the Congress. After this the issue was almost resolved. Positively.

The President stressed that his decree “On holding elections” scheduled for April 26 was a response to the initiative of the people, voiced by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. And a goal of the Kazakh state authorities he called the prevention of the impact of negative external factors on the development of the Republic.

– We are waiting for the historic, momentous period in the life of our country, – Nazarbayev said. -Currently, the world situation is complicated. The economic risks have sharply increased due to lowering of world prices, the revenues in our budget have decreased. Not just us but almost all states are experiencing these difficulties.

The President called the new economic program “Nurly Jol”, as well as preservation of the old social policy, and performance of all social obligations as the response to the economic challenges and threats.  In short, the President has promised to keep the same line.

– The person must go to the polls, if it has a set of programs and objectives, through which he wants to improve the lives of people – concluded Nursultan Nazarbayev. – If there is no such goals and objectives, he need not to go there. 

The classical reason for rescheduling of the presidential elections from 2016 to 2015 is the possible doubling thereof with parliamentary elections, which were also scheduled for the next year. Two electoral campaigns that were run almost simultaneously were considered as the overkill and there were the efforts to disperse them.

Why then it was decided to hold early presidential elections but not the parliamentary ones? It makes sense to search for the answer to this question in that same speech of the Head of State, that said, among other things, that the government is waiting for reform of the political system.

The President said that there is a need to expand the practice of accountability of government agencies to the public, including via the Internet and at the same time to provide feedback.

– It is important to strengthen the role of public councils in the state bodies and local administrations – says Nazarbayev. – This will only make better.

In addition, according to the Head of State, the country needs the introduction of the so-called civil budgeting, according to which the representatives of civil society have the opportunity in budget allocations, particularly in the regions. And the state agencies will be deprives from the informal status of “Caesar’s wife”, who is always above suspicion.

– The possibilities of citizens to appeal actions of employees shall be statutorily expanded, – President said.

The quintessence of the reform will be the introduction of self-regulation in society, aimed at reducing the areas of responsibility of public authorities, with the transfer of their powers to civil society institutions. And, accordingly, in this scenario it will be possible to decide the issue of the new system of electivity of local executive bodies and government in general.

Nazarbayev also announced the logical outcome of such political strategy.

– Constitutional reform, which implies redistribution of power from the President to the Parliament and the Government shall be carried out in stages, taking into account our traditions – he concluded.

After this statement many versions of possible developments appeared in the media. In particular, they began to talk about the transition of Kazakhstan from the presidential form of government to a presidential-parliamentary, and even purely parliamentary. It seems that it will be run on the newly elected parliament so that until  2020, the year of the election of the new president, the mechanism has already been worked out to automaticity.

According to Kazakh experts, the “division” of the elections will positively affect the economy of the state. This point of view was expressed by the Doctor of Economic Sciences of the Institute of Economics SC MES RK Esenzhol Aliyarov in “Business Time” program.

– Now in Kazakhstan the most discussed and notorious event are the early presidential elections – he said – This measure is provided by the Constitution. The elections may be early, because the people will choose. The Head of State will be elected only on the basis of the popular vote. The parliamentary elections shall be held in the next year.  The shorter will be the time interval between the two elections, the worse it will be for the economy and country’s budget.

The Russian analysts are echoing on the positive political effect (including the external one).

– It is obvious that Nursultan Nazarbayev will participate in such elections , -the director of the Analytical Center of MGIMO, Doctor of Political Sciences Andrei Kazan says in one interview. – And it is obvious that he will win. There is no real alternative candidate to the national leader that  formed a modern Kazakh state after the collapse of the USSR.

Powers of the President Nazarbayev will be extended. This is actually the only real scenario. And the key point here will be exactly that the president will have a trump card in the conduct of both domestic and foreign policy in the form of a new mandate for the people’s trust. It is obvious that the percentage of votes for Nazarbayev will be high (about 75-90%) – and  it does not require any manipulations, that is the result will be honest, since no one has any doubt that the people trust Nazarbayev.

The reason for proposal for early elections is the desire to “””dissolve” the elections by time with the increase of threats of all kinds, which is expected in 2016. I do not think that if the elections at all levels took place in 2016, it would have led to serious destabilization. But the probability of coincidence of elections with risks peak really exists. Therefore, the decision on early elections shall  prevent the  possibility of any destabilization connected with the coincidence of risks.

Among liberals, it is usual to criticize the Kazakh electorate for being too loyal to the incumbent president. In 2011, the number of votes “in favor” of the Kazakh leader was 95% of the total electorate. Opposition traditionally attributes such high rates to rigging or the pressure of administrative resources, but more often it looks like the justifying of its own political immaturity.

If at the beginning of the century, the people of the former Soviet Union happily applauded “color revolutions”, the enthusiasm pretty fade away in recent years. Beyond the free will of citizens queering for democracy, suddenly appeared the hands of skilled manipulators-puppeteers. And the promised freedom has returned in the guise of catastrophic fall in living standards, and even civil war.

Therefore, the people of Kazakhstan vote for Nazarbayev, hoping to maintain stability of the state in a troubled today’s world.



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