Friendships ruined by DNA investigations

The corruption-related inquiries ongoing lately brought public attention to a category that was less familiar so far: that of informants. They are the people who had previously been investigated by prosecutors and are ready to give in their collaborators, their bosses or even their closest friends to gain a smaller punishment, digi24.ro reported.

Darius Valcov and Theodor Berna were secretly the best business partners. Their special bond was fueled by one element: money. Each had a lot to earn from the relationship. The businessman gained contracts of millions of euro from the Mayoralty of Slatina Valcov was heading at that time and rewarded the latter by paying him 20 per cent of the money. Known as one of the Kings of Asphalt, Berna handed Darius Valcov over to prosecutors when he was, on his turn, arrested for corruption.

“Berna Theodor has submitted a denunciation that showed he had contacted Valcov Bogdan Darius and had proposed that, in return for gaining some auctions on public works, he would pay him 20 per cent of the incoming sums”, the prosecutors’ report shows.

The same commission of 20 per cent also cemented the friendship of suspended District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie and businessman Marin Dumitru. And the intervention of prosecutors was once again the one to spoil the friendship. Dumitru’s denounce sent the Mayor behind bars as well, for bribe – taking.

The long time friendship of Elena Udrea and Ana Maria Topoliceanu was another bond to be broken by Anti-Corruption prosecutors. Accused of bribe-taking, the former head of the National Company of Investments revealed all she knew about Elena Udrea at the national Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), for fear she might end up in handcuffs as well.

Elena Udrea never missed any opportunity of blaming her former friends for having betrayed her.

At the time being, Darius Valcov, Marian Vanghelie and Elena Udrea are now kept under preventive arrest, while many of the informants and accomplices are investigated on probation.


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