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June 28, 2022

Mayor Andrei Chiliman wants Premier Ponta fined

Bucharest’s District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman is asking the court to fine the Premier and the Environment Minister 20 per cent of the minimum salary for each day of delay in implementing the court ruling that forces the government “to restore Bordei Park in its entirety to Bucharesters.”

According to a District 1 Mayoralty press release, the institution led by Andrei Chiliman has filed an administrative action at the Bucharest Court of Appeals, asking the court to fine Premier Victor Ponta and Environment Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu 20 per cent of the minimum salary for each day of delay in implementing a court ruling issued a year ago.

The court ruling was issued by the High Court of Justice on 9 April 2014. The court forced the government and the environment ministry to expropriate “for public use a surface of approximately 0.5 hectares from Bordei Park, a plot of land that will be legally transferred to the management of the District 1 Mayoralty.”

“Irrespective of their political stripes, the governments systematically refused to implement the provisions of Law 170/2008, through which the Bordei Park is restored, in its entirety, to Bucharesters. Based on this, we sued the government in 2011 and we won the legal battle three years later. Immediately after the High Court’s ruling, we made overtures at the Environment Ministry for its implementation. The government has constantly ignored our overtures, basically refusing to implement the court ruling that confirms the Bucharesters’ right to benefit from Bordei Park in its entirety,” Mayor Andrei Chiliman stated.

Bordei Park is located in Bucharest, on the banks of Lake Floreasca, and has a surface of 3.3 hectares.

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