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April 13, 2021

Romania’s commissioner to Expo Milano: Chances are good Romania’s pavilion will be ready by May 1

Romania’s general commissioner to Expo Milano 2015, Georgian Ghervasie, on Tuesday stated that chances are good for Romania’s pavilion at the Expo Milano to be ready by May 1.

The theme of this year’s edition of the universal exhibition will be “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and Romania will have its own pavilion under the slogan “Living with Nature.”

“There are good chances everything will be ready. We will be [ready – editor’s note], but you must know that there are others which won’t be ready,” said Georgian Ghervasie.

He explained that works at the large pavilion started late, on February 12. “We are prepared, even if we feared that the large pavilion, which is the one including all the 54 built pavilions – while the rest of the pavilions will be in the cluster – won’t be ready in time. However, we were assured that the Expo will open its gates on May 1,” said Romania’s general commissioner to Expo Milano 2015.

Ghervasie also mentioned that the event will be huge, following to last for 184 days.

“Thus, even if we are located in the middle of the exhibition with our pavilion, we should not let ourselves be carried away by this fact, for everything will still have to be made extremely well,” said Ghervasie.

According to him, Romania’s budget for the Expo 2015 is worth 3.5 million euros, while other countries in the region have higher budgets, such as Slovenia – 4.5 million euros, the Czech Republic – 7 million euros, Hungary – 10 million.

Ghervasie reminded that Romania participated in all the previous editions of the international exhibition and had a budget worth more than 8 million euros in 2005 and 5.7 million euros in 2010.

According to him, Romania’s pavilion will represent the transition from tradition to modernity, with the roof to be built in the traditional style practiced in the Danube Delta area and with a natural garden and a restaurant to also be built. There will also be screened a documentary at the pavilion showing from the Trajan’s Column to the Endless Column of Brancusi and we will also have three chefs at the pavilion.

He also specified that Romania’s National Day at the Expo Milano will be organised on July 29, in which context a high level visit will take place at the pavilion.

Italy’s Ambassador to Romania, Diego Brasioli, underscored that Romania’s participation in the Expo Milano is very important.

“Romania’s participation in the Expo is very important. First of all, the concept ‘Living with Nature’ is very beautiful for what Romania has to offer,” said the Italian official, quoted by Agerpres.

He also highlighted that Romania and Italy share a special relation and he mentioned the trade exchanges between the two countries have reached a record level of 12 billion euros.

The Expo Milano 2015 will take place over May 1 – October 31, with 140 countries invited, plus three international bodies. According to the special representative of the event, the coordinator of Infoeuropa Centre, Doris Mircea, the exhibition could reach up to 20 million visitors.

Starting from the re-interpretation of a traditional house, Romania’s pavilion will illustrate the national development priorities such as sustainable agriculture, competitiveness, excellency and scientific research, while also inviting visitors to discover the cultural uniqueness and the richness of Romanian traditions.


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