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January 18, 2022

Senate’s Permanent Bureau urgently convened for Dan Sova case

On Tuesday, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu urgently convened the Permanent Bureau in order for it to draft a decision in the case of PSD Senator Dan Sova. The move comes after the Senate rejected on Monday the Permanent Bureau’s draft decision that takes note of the result of the vote that the Senators cast on March 25 on the prosecutors’ request to approve the detention and preventive arrest of Senator Sova.

The Senators rejected the decision with 68 votes against, 43 abstentions and 2 votes in favour. According to the text of the Permanent Bureau’s draft decision, it was noted that “following the vote cast during the Senate’s meeting on March 25, the conditions required by Article 24, Paragraph 4 of Law 96/2006 on the Statute of Lower Chamber MPs and of Senators (…) and by Article 173 of the Senate’s Regulations, approved through Senate Decision 28/2005, with subsequent changes and additions, in force on March 25, conditions needed in order to approve the detention and preventive arrest of Senator Sova Dan-Coman, were not met.”

National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors asked the Senate to place at their disposal, by April 22, all the documents concerning MPs with legal problems, especially those concerning Dan Sova. The members of the Senate’s Permanent Bureau decided on Monday to put the documents at the disposal of the DNA.

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