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August 15, 2022

Victor Ponta: ‘The earnings of the public officers are much higher than what the Prime Minister collects’

Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that his Government ensured higher pays for the public officers who handle EU funds in order to prevent competent human resources to leave the public institutions or yield to corruption.

“If one works in the management [of European funds], with an intermediate body, and collects 300 – 400 euros per month and has the possibility to switch to private consultancy and earn 3,000 – 4,000 euros, it’s evident that we’ll witness either a departure of all really competent staff, or corruption. (…) Through the steps we have taken gradually and which are correct from my point of view, the earnings of the public officers who work with management authorities or government intermediary bodies, although not sufficient, are anyway much higher than the average pay in public institutions, and definitely much higher than what the Prime Minister or the ministers collect,” Ponta said at the second edition of the Forum “European Funds 2015-2020: New Lines of Financing, New Opportunities for Romania” held at the Palace of Parliament.

Citing the example of Minister of European Funds Marius Nica, Ponta praised him for choosing to work for the good of the country over higher earnings. “But he, wanting to work for the good of the country and sacrificing himself, like all those present here, for the public good… we don’t want salaries, we just want to work,” the Premier added, quoted by Agerpres.


Property restoration agency now works legally, unlike 2010-2012′


The National Agency for Property Restoration (ANRP) now works legally and the problems noted by prosecutors in 2010-2012 no longer subsist, Prime Minister Victor Ponta declared on Tuesday at the Parliament Palace.

He mentioned that the government has a strategy for better working conditions for the ANRP.

In 2010-2012, “hundreds of millions and billions of public money went to the wrong places,” the prime minister asserted, answering a question on possible legislative changes following the resignation of ANRP management at end-March.


‘The decision to reintroduce the job-specific pensions for flying staff is an act of reparation’


Prime Minister Victor Ponta says that the Government’s decision to reintroduce special pensions for retired flying staff is an act of reparation towards a category that was “punished in 2010 by the Democratic Liberal Government.”

“The decision to reintroduce the job-specific pensions for flying staff is an act of reparation towards a category of people who have been punished in 2010 by the PDL government – the same who are today hiding behind the Liberal party logo. I’m glad we succeeded in keeping our promise and correct this injustice! President Klaus Iohannis yesterday signed the bill into law, after Traian Basescu had blocked it at the end of 2014,” Victor Ponta wrote on Tuesday on Facebook.

Klaus Iohannis on Monday signed a decree enacting the Law complementing Law No. 223/2007 on the status of Romania’s flying civil aviation staff, passed on April l by the Chamber of Deputies.

The bill provides that the flying civil aviation staff who meet the retirement requirements of the relevant law qualify for a pension amounting to 80 percent of their gross average income over the last 12 months of activity prior to the month when the retirement application is filed.

Parliament passed the regulatory act in late 2014, but then-President Traian Basescu sent it back on grounds that it is discriminatory.




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