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December 1, 2021

Canada announces relaxation of visa regime for Romanians

Prime-Minister Victor Ponta said during the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday that he had received a letter from the Prime-Minister of Canada who informed him that the visa regime for Romanians who visit Canada would be relaxed as of 2016. Romanian nationals who had a visa for Canada in the last 10 years or a temporary visa for the United States of America no longer need to apply for an entry visa to Canada after 2016.

Victor Ponta noted that, in his letter, the Canadian counterpart had informed him that, as of 2016, the visa regime would relax thanks to the implementation of the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) program.

‘I have received a letter and I want to publicly thank the prime-minister of Canada for the fact that the Electronic Travel Authorization will apply to Romanians after 2016.

‘You can travel to Canada without a visa, in a very straightforward electronic system. It is a major step – not the final one of being able to enter the county without a visa at all: those of you who have a visa for the US will no longer need a visa for Canada. Those of you who have traveled to Canada also do not need a visa. (….) I am convinced that we will also make progress with the US, but after their elections’, Ponta said.

‘A much expected piece of good news for the Romanians who want to travel to Canada! Prime-Minister Stephen Harper has informed me about the relaxation of the visa system through the implementation of the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) program in 2016!’ Victor Ponta also wrote on Facebook.

In his letter, the Canadian PM says ‘this exemption will facilitate travel for many Romanian citizens to Canada’

‘Canada will implement an Electronic Travel Authorization program (eTA) in 2016. Soon after eTA is implemented, Romanian citizens who have held a Canadian visa in the last ten years or who hold a U.S. non-immigrant visa will no longer need to apply for a Canadian visa. Instead, they will require only an eTA, which is similar to the United States’ Electronic System for Travel Authorization, and consequently will be treated in the same manner as the other visa-free European travelers to Canada’  (…) I hope this innovation will enhance and deepen the already strong people-to-people and economic ties between our two nations which only stand to grow with the ratification and implementation of the Canada-European Union Trade Agreement’ , reads Stephen Harper’s letter.




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