Daniela Lulache, Nuclearelectrica: Reactors 3 and 4 will give a European reach to Romania

In a recent interview for, Daniela Lulache, General Manager Nuclearelectrica Cernavoda, emphasized:

“In any investment project the construction works start after the completion of prior stages, and Nucleaelectrica is still in the process of finalizing the investor selection procedure launched last year, subsequent to the government’s approval of the strategy on continuing the Reactors 3 and 4 project and of the shareholders’ general assembly’s approval. The current stage entails the negotiation of the memorandum on the joint implementation of the project, namely the core-document in implementing the project.

“Consequently, in an investment project of such complexity the attention given to the terms of the negotiation process has to be significant. The management’s responsibility is to have a solid and advantageous project. After the completion of this stage, the memorandum will be subjected to the approval of the shareholders’ general assembly and we will move on to negotiating the constitutive act and the investors’ agreement on the new project company.

“We have to understand the importance of this moment, this being the basis of the whole subsequent evolution of the project. We are not using half-measures when analyzing and deciding, we are using our whole responsibility. The Reactors 3 and 4 project will give Romania a European reach, in an all-out meaning: from standards to be attained to the regional role, whether we like it or not, whether we support it or not; consequently, Nuclearelectrica, an active party, wants a project thought-out in its long-term complexity, one that would offer implicit benefits to the energy systems and to consumers.

“We will talk about construction works three years from now, namely after the project financing is structured. Currently we are talking about establishing the coordinates for the continuation of the project.”



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