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July 2, 2022

Darius Valcov might be investigated under house arrest. The decision is not definitive.

The magistrates of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) overruled on Monday the request filed by National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors to prolong the measure of preventive arrest in the case of former Finances Minister Darius Valcov. Judges decided Darius Valcov may be moved into house arrest.

As the decision is not definitive, Darius Valcov remains in preventive arrest until the appeal is tried.

On Monday, as well, the High Court decided to overrule Valcov’s request that the measure would be replaced with house arrest in the file he is accused of corruption deeds. This decision is definitive.

Darius Valcov is under arrest since April 2. He was accused of influence peddling for having received approximately EUR 2 million from behalf of Theodor Barna, the manager of the company Tehnologica Radion.

In return for this money, Darius Valcov, former Mayor of the Municipality of Slatina, intervened besides decision-makers so that auctions on public works would be gained by Tehnologica Radion for objectives located near the Municipality of Slatina, the cities Scornicesti, Piatra Olt and Draganesti.

Later, prosecutors accused him of having committed the offence of completing financial operations, such as trade acts, that were incompatible with the position, attribution and tasks completed by one person or completing financial operations by using information gained due to his position, attribution or tasks.

According to DNA, starting in 2011 and up to the present, Darius Valcov completed financial operations or trade acts incompatible with the positions of Mayor, Senator and Minister he had held, using information owned due to these positions, related to an assessor’s office, an accounting company and a lawyer’s office he actually owned and managed, through intermediates.

The criminal earnings gained as a result of committing the crimes that are still investigated was deposited in a safe kept by a close person. The safe contained RON 1,323,850, USD 90,000, three gold bars weighing a total 3 kilograms, a golden framed painting signed by Renoir, a painting signed by Jean Cocteau and a wooden painting signed Aurel Acasandrei.

As a result of home search, 101 paintings were found. There were clues that they were purchased by Darius Valcov through intermediates, out of the money he supposedly gained from committing the offences the inquiry is conducted on.







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