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October 25, 2021

PMP detaches from Basescu and Udrea

The Popular Movement Party (PMP) started detaching from Traian Basescu and Elena Udrea. Siegfried Muresan, PMP Vice-President, pointed out that no more than 5 per cent of PMP members still support Elena Udrea.

“I would not say that Traian Basescu’s statements are representative for the party or that they are assumed by PMP. (…) I, as a Romanian citizen, think that the struggle against corruption is needed precisely as it happens now. I am more worried for the fate of a school child walking several kilometres to school than for the destiny of any Romanian politician accused of corruption and handcuffed. (…) In August 2014, the majority of PMP had supported Elena Udrea’s candidacy. After presidential elections, another majority, an overwhelming one, understood that Elena Udrea’s candidacy was a mistake. A politician must feel people and must understand what they think about him. The people who were close to her, who will never be suspected of corruption crimes, say she had done great things as a Minister, yet, in people’s perception, she has a completely different image. In November 2014, after the presidential election, most PMP members decided this candidacy had been an error. (…) Some people have supported her out of trust, others did it out of passion, some still support her today, but they are probably about 5 per cent of PMP”, Siegfried Muresan (photo)  declared, according to Romania Libera.


Bolcas: This party was created as a toy for Elena Udrea


Lawyer Lucian Bolcas commented on this information at the TV show “100 minutes”, on Antena 3.

“This party was created as a toy for Elena Udrea. Carol II had gifted Elena Lupescu a car or a fur coat, Traian Basescu offered an institutional present, a party, to Elena Udrea”, Lucian Bolcas declared.


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