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May 20, 2022

Predoiu launches new attacks on Ponta: ‘We have a Premier without honour’

PNL First Vice-President Catalin Predoiu has launched a new attack on Prime-Minister Victor Ponta, whom he accuses of lack of honour.

‘Our problem as a country is that we have a premier without honour. If he had a little respect, the issue of the vote in the Diaspora would have been resolved by now and so would have been the other laws belonging to a package of reformation of the political community. If we draw the line after six months we see that a new round of talks was needed at Cotroceni for the prime-minister to understand that people did not just went out in the street for no reason, because they had nothing to do at home. I have not heard Victor Ponta speak about the Diaspora, except when making promises. I hope this bill and not only this one are adopted’, Predoiu said on Realitatea TV.

Predoiu pointed out that, in his opinion, the prime-minister and his majority used a double language. ‘What do they do in the backstage> They prepare laws against Justice, votes against Justice, launch false themes in the public arena, bring arguments for all sorts of decisions they claim other developed countries make, which they want to implement here but with the purpose of hampering Justice. Yes, the prosecutor in Germany may have a certain position, but the chancellor does not insult the opposition or the judiciary, does not threaten them, does not obstruct investigations. There’s a big difference between those states and Ponta’s Romania’, Predoiu said.

‘When a member of Parliament, be it a friend of the premier’s, is in question, you come as prime-minister and give political orders to the speaker of the Senate to stop Justice? You send a clear sign to investors and citizens. It has to be clear: Prime-Minister Ponta has no interest in that justice functions in this country. This is why he’s threatening prosecutors. How does he dare telling them off? Prosecutors, do not let yourselves bullied by a liar, be it the prime-minister!’ the Liberal further said.

In addition, Predoiu said Victor Ponta had no credibility abroad. ‘Our prime-minister is a cock only here, at home. Abroad, he is a wet chicken. All foreign leaders know his background. He shifts talks from truth to lie. He doesn’t play by democratic rules. He is a brake on Romania’s progress. We need to radicalise this political fight. We will demolish him, as he’s not going to leave. We will be his nightmare’.

A few days ago, Victor Ponta said Catalin Predoiu had ‘criticised’ and ‘told on’ him to the European Commission regarding the Government’s decision to cut the value-added tax, and called that ‘stupidity beyond spite’.


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