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January 27, 2022

UDMR’s Kelemen: The problem, if we crash the Government, is who to replace them with. People are not clamoring to rule

UDMR President Kelemen Hunor declared on Tuesday for the  Gandul Live, about supporting a motion of censure by PNL, that the problem is “what” and “who” to replace the present Government with, pointing out that he had doubts on the fact that people would “clamor to rule”.

Kelemen declared for Gandul live that, at the time, there was no majority to crash the Government but, if that thing was possible, a better solution would be a technocrat Government.

Questioned on the motion of censure that might be initiated by PNL,  Kelemen Hunor declared: “Let us see the text, the arguments, we do not exclude supporting a motion of censure. A motion of censure would mean a more passionate debate on a topic. I do not know the topic, but we do not have the required majority to overturn the Government, we all know it, the Prime Minister knows it, too, we do not have enough votes”.

“The question is whether we have anything to replace the Government with and any persons able to do it. At this time, I have serious doubts that people are gathering to overtake the governing. I did not hear, with the exception of two or three persons, an extraordinary intense wish to start governing and neither did Alina Gorghiu discuss that she wanted to rule, she only talked about a motion of censure. Someone must govern, though”, the UDMR leader explained.

Hunor also showed that, if there was a majority to overturn the Government, a great idea would be a Government of Technocrats, that would be a far more interesting solution.

“When you propose a motion of censure, you are expected to say what you replace the departing Government with. This is not the problem, whether they are leaving or not, you must decide what you choose in their place. I think that a better Government may be found, but also that a worse Government may be found. It is a much more interesting discussion if we talk about what comes after a motion of censure, if it is successful, than talking about a political Government. One may even discuss a technocrat Government if needed, I do not see why not, one year before the elections, it is a far more interesting solution than the political one, at the time being. But there is no majority to change the Government and no majority can be coagulated in the spring session. We cannot end up doing anticipated elections in Romania. This Government is more solid than ever before”, Kelemen Hunor also said.

He mentioned that UDMR is not negotiating a collaboration agreement with PNL, that there were discussions in February and March on the topic of the censure motion and they decided to give an answer when they see the text. “An agreement of collaboration is not negotiated and we do not know whether we would negotiate one. We are in opposition along PNL, we have been partners with PDL and PNL and we are in the saame European political family. Indeed, we have entered first, we have opened the door. We have awaited them with champagne and cookies when they arrived. We are members of the same European family.”





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