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June 26, 2022

UDMR’s Kelemen Hunor: “I did not influence the course of justice”

UDMR Chairman Kelemen Hunor declared that he did not influence the independence of justice by making statements referring to the two UDMR members who had legal issues, Marko Attila and Nagy Zsolt. At the end of last week, Kelemen Hunor had declared at the UDMR Congress, where he was reelected as President of the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) that he was convinced of the innocence of the two politicians of the group. The declaration did not remain unanswered: Horatius Dumbrava, member of the Superior Council of Magistrates, alerted the Legal Inspection in this case.

“I will comment neither on the complaint, nor on what the Legal Inspection would say. I did not affect in any way the independence of justice, the course of justice and I respect definitive decisions each time, so I never question the decision itself. The Legal Inspection will say what they have to say, and I have no reason to make any more comments, and I will not do them”, Kelemen Hunor declared for Digi24.

He explained his position at the UDMR Congress during the weekend, when he defended Marko Attila and Zsolt Nagy:

“We do not comment on definitive decisions put into effect, but it does not mean that we are not supportive of our colleagues and that we cannot have an opinion in an open, democratic society; it does not mean that I do not respect definitive decisions, when they are applied. I may consider them innocent, this us my personal opinion, the only fact that is important is that a definitive decision is applied and my point of view does not change the course of justice in any way, and does not affect the independence of justice. Magistrates are honest people, brave people and they are not influenced by political declarations. I do not see why we are so angry. Judges, as well as politicians, are people who make mistakes or might make mistakes. It does not mean that decisions should not be respected”, Kelemen Hunor insisted.

The President of UDMR refused to comment on Marko Attila’s strategy, who left to Hungary after he was convicted, and declared that he enjoyed the protection of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. From Hungary, Marko Atilla sent through fax his resignation from the Romanian Parliament.

Asked whether such case could turn into a pattern, Kelemen Hunor answered that he did not like generalisations and that things should be discussed differently in each case. Moreover, asked whether he believed the Deputy’s claim that he enjoyed the protection of Hungarian authorities, the President of UDMR avoided to give an answer, declaring that he did not hear this statement by Marko Attila personally. “I do not know whether this statement is real or not. I have no such information”, Kelemen Hunor declared.

“I support him as far as his work in that committee is concerned. I know him; he is an honest man. Actually, he was never accused of corruption, he was accused of abuse of office. I know him as an honest man. This is all. This is all I can say”, the President of UDMR declared, when asked why he supported the Deputy.


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