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October 6, 2022

Adrian Sarbu, letter from prison: It is a lesson on injustice, abuse…. Kafka, Stalinist Inquisition

Businessman Adrian Sarbu, currently remanded in custody on charges of instigation to tax evasion, money laundering and instigation to embezzlement, has emailed journalist Ion Cristoiu a letter where he tells about his ‘experience’ in the lockups of Bucharest Police.

‘(…) I experience things I never thought I ever would. It’s a lesson on injustice, abuse, ingratitude, betrayal. On a denial of everything I have believed in the last 25 years. Kafka, Stalinist Inquisition. A useful test that has strengthened my belief in the values I cherished and fought for. A moment of reconsideration of people around me!

From this minority position we share, I admire you for how you treat the current political /judicial situation, but mostly moral of Romania. From the underground, I can confirm that you are right.

I have decided to defend myself, learning the secret ways of Justice. (…) For 25 years I have expressed myself through action. I have created people and institutions. Like you have. Now I feel it is time I came out of my silence. It is my duty to me and to the friends who have believed in me. You are one of them!’ Adrian Sarbu writes to Ion Cristoiu, according to a message posted by the journalist on his blog.

Adrian Sarbu has been on remand since 4 February.

The prosecutors claim that, at Sarbu’s request, the defendants

Prosecutors with the Office of the Prosecutor General say that, at Sarbu’s request, the defendants Liliana Serban, Roxana Dorina Grigoruță, Eugenia Bălan (arrested in a different matter) , Sorin Dinu, Daniela Reghină Cozac (under investigation at large), Rodica Crisbasan and Dragoș Chiș, together with Diana Atanasiu and Dragoș Eremia, used a criminal scheme to evade the payment to taxes to the state budget, involving several trading companies that carried out fictitious operations from 2011 to 2014 in connection with the beneficiaries of copyright of the companies belonging to the Mediafax Group (SC Mediafax Grup SA, SC Mediafax SA, SC Apropo Media SRL).

The damage caused to the general consolidated budget of the state is 16,809,964 lei resulting from the commission of tax evasion and 2,660,000 lei from embezzlement, with a total laundered sum of 2,893,607 lei.


Bucharest Police chief sacked following images showing Adrian Sarbu walking free in Bucharest


Unprecedented investigation took place at Bucharest Police on Thursday after the press has published images showing businessman Adrian Sarbu waking free in Bucharest. The second in command Bucharest Police head was dismissed.

Adrian Sarbu, currently on remand in the custody of Bucharest Police, was taken out of his cell and driven, without handcuffs, to a dental clinic in Dorobanti, on 14 and 18 April. The media mogul needed to continue some dental work that had began prior to his incarceration, which couldn’t have been done under arrest.



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