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August 10, 2022

Alina Bica, released from the penitentiary: I am still a successful woman. I have nothing to accuse myself of

Former Head of the Directorate for Investing Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) Alina Bica was released from Targsor Penitentiary on Tuesday afternoon, at about 6:30 pm, after six months of preventive arrest for several charges of corruption.

Alina Bica was awaited at the exit from prison by her husband and by lawyer Laura Voicu. The former Head of DIICOT was placed under house arrest as a result of a decision by ICCJ, in the ANRP 2 file. The decision of Tuesday follows a decision by another Court that had accepted Alina Bica to be tried while under house arrest in the ANRP 1 file.

“It was not pleasant, but I have only one message. I would just like to thank those few people who have had the nobility and the professionalism to grant me an assumption of innocence and not to talk about various things unfamiliar to them and untrue on TV. I would like to thank them for that. Moreover, we will see each other in Court and, perhaps, somebody will hear me, too. Considering that you can exit prison without making denunciations and without  bowing your head when you know you did nothing, I truly trust the justice system. I was pleasantly surprised by what I have found here, by the perspective of how the penitentiary was organized, by the rules inside, by the professionalism of people working here. But I do not wish anyone to come here and check that my statements are true. I have nothing to accuse myself of. I am still a successful woman”, Alina Bica declared while leaving the penitentiary.

Bica has been under arrest and the Women’s Penitentiary in Targsor, after two preventive arrest warrants were issued on her name, in the files known as ANRP 1 and ANRP2. In the meantime, in the first file, the magistrates ordered that she would be placed under house arrest, yet the former Head of DIICOT was kept under the second warrant. On Tuesday, though, judges decided that Alina Bica would be placed under house arrest.

In the first case, Alina Bica is tried for abuse of office for having approved businessman Gheorghe Stelian, in 2011, the right to receive compensation for a field overrated by over EUR 62 million. In the file “Bica 2”, disjointed from the first case, the former Head of DIICOT is charged for having received a lot as bribe in return for interventions for the compensation granted to Gheorghe Stelian, for having helped Ovidiu Tender in the file he was tried for, but also for abuse of office in the case of Adriean Videanu.



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