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January 23, 2022

Bica says she will not receive former President Basescu to visit her at home

Former Head of the Directorate for Investing Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) Alina Bica announced on Thursday she would not receive ex- president Traian Basescu to visit her at home.


Basescu : I have an intense wish to visit Alina Bica at home, if her husband agrees


Former President Traian Basescu declared on Tuesday evening, during a telephone intervention at the show “X-press”, broadcasted by B1TV, that he wished to talk to Alina Bica, recently released from jail.

Basescu declared that it was hard for him, as a former Head of the State, to see that “three people from your team, Alina Bica, Elena Udrea and Horia Georgescu, are arrested by three other people from your team, Livia Stanciu, Laura Kovesi and Florian Coldea”.

“I am very happy for the change in the regime of Ms. Alina Bica. A few days ago, I have written on my Facebook page, my instrument for publishing my points of view, and I know what it was a thing that caused terrible discontentment, that neither Bica, nor Georgescu, nor Elena Udrea are people who would accept being bribed and believe me, I know what I am talking about. I would be very happy if Ms. Bica agreed that I paid her a visit, I want to talk to her, I know this woman, I have discussed with her even the grand issue of Rompetrol, she is an outstanding professional and a woman of solid moral status. I would like to talk to her because, for me, Bica, Georgescu, Udrea, just like Livia Stanciu, Kovesi and Coldea, were all part of my team, the team I worked with, to change the legal system.

I do not want any of these to be seen as political statements; I am merely telling you what a president that had appointed a few people feels; I am unable to believe that any of these people were part of a theft. I would bow in front of any judge who issues a verdict that they are guilty but, at the time being, nobody declared them guilty. It is a weird story: three people of my team were arrested by three other people from my team. Many people will understand my reactions in previous days. It was my team and I have modernized this state with them”, Basescu declared.

The former Head of the State repeated the idea that he did not believe that the three received any bribe, as they were people he had believed in and he had assumed responsibility for.

“I fear nothing. Nobody can blackmail me and nobody can corner me. I was the commanding officer of a ship and I have defended even my waiters when they were caught peddling; how am I supposed not to believe in the Heads of DIICOT and ANI? I believed in them, I assumed responsibility for them. If I could talk to Ms. Bica now. This is my opinion, I do not want to influence anyone and I am telling you what I feel.

I cannot believe that Ms. Bica or Mr. Georgescu would accept bribe, and, similarly, I cannot believe that a bag of EUR 900,000 was carried in Elena Udrea’s office. (…) My greatest wish, because she is the first to get home, my wish is to talk to Ms. Bica. If she is not restricted to, I will visit her at home, if she and her husband agree”, Basescu continued.




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